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Transport and Logistics Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship in transport and logistics can cover lots of different roles. A full time career in logistics usually consists of all the organisation and paper work in getting things from A to B for companies and individual companies, unless you are one of the many couriers involved in the physical process of transport. The apprenticeships are much the same as the full time job, so you can expect your time to involve a lot of planning, fault finding and paperwork, although some transport careers may well be more hands-on in areas such as aviation and rail.

A career in logistics and transport will often include a lot of travel, meetings and very careful scheduling. Travel can be anywhere in the country or even abroad setting up new routes or supervising current ones. The more physically demanding transport and logistics positions range from air cabin crew, through to using a forklift.

With an apprenticeship you can get your ‘foot in the door’ and learn all the skills you need to get yourself a great job in the future. The company you work for may even keep you on as an employee.


Most apprenticeships require five GCSEs from A-C including English and Maths. You will also need to be able to work in a team, willing to learn and you will also have to be enthusiastic, and for such a diverse range of jobs you will need to have a flexible diary!


Most companies already have a structured plan for apprentices and you will be given a mentor and have monthly meetings. They may also send you to college a few days a week, and you will be assessed within the workplace as well as on paper.

When you are accepted for the apprenticeship your employer should tell you what the structure of your specific role will be and how you will need to plan your weekly timetable.

What is my next step?

You should research transport and logistics to find out which particular field you are interested in. Then take a look on our career map to find an apprenticeship position near you and get an application in!

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