Unilever Apprenticeships

Are you looking for a starting point in the world of work? Ever thought about working for one of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies? If you haven’t thought about it already, you definitely should and we’re here to tell you why…

Dove, Hellman’s and Lynx. We’re almost certain you’ve used them or at least heard of them. (After all, who doesn’t like mayo on their chips?) But why are we mentioning these brands? Well, these are just a few products by Unilever. Impressed yet?

About Unilever Apprenticeships

As a Unilever apprentice, you’ll gain lots of hands-on experience combined with formal training whilst you work towards a nationally recognised qualification in your chosen area. Unilever currently offers the following Apprenticeship programmes:

  • Business and Technology
  • Research and Development
  • Supply Chain and Engineering

Unilever wants to support you and expose you to new skills, opportunities and experiences. From day one you’ll be given real responsibilities, you’ll  bring fresh ideas to suffice the requirements for hygiene, personal care and nutrition. 

This is your time to shine and make a vast contribution to the Unilever company. Do that and you might just land yourself a job upon finishing your Apprenticeship.

Young people

The Unilever Apprenticeships are competitive so it’s important to ensure you set some time aside, where you won’t be disturbed, to complete the application form to the best of your ability. 

Don’t send it off as a rushed effort as this won’t go unnoticed. Make sure you fill out the application form carefully, check, check and then check again for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Also, make sure your contact information is correct. There’s no point in completing the champion of all application forms if no one can contact you because you haven’t put the right contact details down. 

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