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Hair Beauty Apprenticeships

Beauty Therapy Apprentice (Id:90560)
  • Location: Manchester
  • Salary: 6240
  • Level: 3

Employer: BU Beauty Rooms Location: Manchester Wage: £120.00 Per Week Hours: 30.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Do you have an interest in Beauty? If you want to get your career started and gain a recognised qualification, apply now to join this friendly team based in the postcode area. Its a great way to begin your…

Hairdressing Apprenticeship (Id:90588)
  • Location: Highcliffe
  • Salary: 8010
  • Level: 2

Employer: Muir-Chapman Hairdressing Location: Highcliffe Wage: £154.05 Per Week Hours: 39.50 Per Week Vacancy Description Looking to start your career within the hairdressing industry? Muir-Chapman are looking for 2 aspiring apprentices to join their highly-reputable, family run business and start a long and rewarding career. Interested? Apply now! While working at Muir-Chapman Hairdressing and alongside…

Hairdressing Apprentice (Id:94975)
  • Location: Malvern
  • Salary: 8112
  • Level: 2

Employer: Pure Hair Design Location: Malvern Wage: £156.00 Per Week Hours: 40.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Are you looking to start you hairdressing apprenticeship? Pure Hair Design are looking to take on a hard working and dedicated individual to join their busy salon. If you have a passion for hair, apply now! To support all…

Hairdressing Apprentice (Id:95852)
  • Location: Cannock
  • Salary: 7904
  • Level: 2

Employer: Glamour Location: Cannock Wage: £152.00 Per Week Hours: 38.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Fabulous opportunity to secure a Hairdressing Apprenticeship with a great salon in Cannock ! This could be the first step to securing your career in Hairdressing. Greeting clients and making them feel comfortable Answering the phone and making appointments Keeping the…

Hairdressing Apprenticeship (Id:96880)
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Salary: 7706
  • Level: 2

Employer: J & M’s Hair Design Location: Birmingham Wage: £148.20 Per Week Hours: 38.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Looking to start your career within the hairdressing industry? J & M’s Hair Design in Birmingham are looking for an aspiring apprentice to join their highly-reputable salon and start a long and rewarding career. Interested? Apply now!…

Hairdressing Appreticeship (Id:96895)
  • Location: Blandford Forum
  • Salary: 8320
  • Level: 2

Employer: Kutting Edge Location: Blandford Forum Wage: £160.00 Per Week Hours: 40.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Fabulous opportunity to start your Hairdressing Apprentice with a friendly hair salon in Blandford Forum. The apprentice will be expected to help with all general hairdressing duties including cleaning, making appointments, answering telephones, greeting customers, shampooing. The apprentice will…

Hairdressing Apprenticeship (Id:96905)
  • Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Salary: 4056
  • Level: 2

Employer: ENV Hair Salon Location: Stratford-upon-Avon Wage: £78.00 Per Week Hours: 20.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Fabulous opportunity to gain your Hairdressing Apprenticeship with a reputable salon and work part time hours whilst gaining your qualifications. To work in the salon over 6 days & 20 hours a week, Monday to Saturday. To gain an…

Beauty Apprenticeship (Id:97627)
  • Location: Manchester
  • Salary: 6552
  • Level: 2

Employer: Nataya Beauty Location: Manchester Wage: £126.00 Per Week Hours: 30.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Great opportunity to start you career in Beauty with a reputable and friendly beautician in Manchester who would love to welcome a new member to the team ! Following general health and safety. Working with clients. Training towards treatments. Delivering…

Hairdressing Apprenticeship (Id:98514)
  • Location: London
  • Salary: 9880
  • Level: 2

Employer: The One Hairdressing LTD Location: London Wage: £190.00 Per Week Hours: 40.00 Per Week Vacancy Description Fabulous opportunity to kick start your hair and beauty career with a fantastic salon in central London !You will have great support and lots of opportunities for your future ! Duties will include: Assisting hairdressers in preparation for…

Hairdressing Apprentice (Id:99256)
  • Location: Minehead
  • Salary: 6084
  • Level: 2

Employer: The Salon Location: Minehead Wage: £117.00 Per Week Hours: 30.00 Per Week Vacancy Description A fantastic opportunity for you to start your career in the Hairdressing Industry. You can begin by gaining your level 2 qualification before progressing on to level 3. Your daily duties will include but not be limited to the following:…

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Army Officer
  • Salary: 18,800

  Your Army needs leaders Be the one others turn to. Be responsible. Be trusted with the safety of the nation. Become a British Army Officer, and you’ll be doing something that really matters. Leading a team. Making a difference to the world. Your Army needs you You don’t need a degree for many Officer…

Hair Beauty Apprenticeships in the Army
  • Salary: 18,800

YOUR ARMY NEEDS YOU. TRAIN IN SKILLS AND ADVENTURE. GET YOUR APPRENTICESHIP WITH THE ARMY. Earn as you learn. Travel the world. Make mates for life. As a soldier in the Army, you’ll do more than you thought possible. You’ll be part of an organisation dedicated to helping you make the most of your potential….

Hairdressing Apprenticeships & Beauty Apprenticeships – An attractive prospect

Hairdressing Apprenticeships and beauty Apprenticeships can offer you experience and the chance to gain a range of skills in a wide field from hairdressing, make-up, massage, nail technician, facials, waxing, spray tanning, electronic skin treatments, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and even reflexology.

If you want to enter an industry that helps people feel good about themselves, take a look at ‘View now’ and see which hair & beauty Apprenticeships we have on offer.

We’re not sure there’s a ‘Vajazzaling’ Apprenticeship just yet, but maybe it’s worth condensing your search down to ‘Essex’ if that’s where your skillset lies.

How Do I Find The Right Hairdressing Apprenticeship & Beauty Apprenticeship For Me?

For those wanting to undertake hairdressing Apprenticeships and beauty Apprenticeships, there are plenty of opportunities for young people to undertake one when they are ready.

You can find your ideal course if you are a school leaver, attend college or even a junior professional in such places like the Beauty Academy, Training for today etc. Courses in all the aforementioned types of beauty are available from NVQ’s, BTEC Diplomas and City & Guilds Level 1, 2 & 3.

On-the-job training for these might involve working in a beauticians, hairdressing salon, department stores, holiday resorts and even hospitals.

Examples of Hairdressing Apprenticeships & Beauty Apprenticeships

Whichever beauty Apprenticeship or hairdressing Apprenticeship you decide to ply your trade in, you’ll be assisting senior therapists and learn a range of skills & techniques to make you ready to earn a living in that profession.

For example, as an intermediate beauty therapist, you’ll be taught how to improve facial skin conditions, wax body hair, spray tan, shape & colour brows, perform hand & foot treatments and apply make-up.

Advanced beauty therapist Apprentices would be thrust into working as a professional beauty therapist where the job roles can range from learning body massage techniques to complicated electronic treatments to remove unwanted body hair or improve a skin condition.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships and beauty Apprenticeships will teach you about a profession where your goal is to make someone feel better about themselves. You’ll be working with clients all day, it’s key you’re able to out them at ease, be pleasant and personable.

A hair and beauty apprenticeship will allow you to develop the skills and techniques needed to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Training can be offered in a wide range of areas in this sector such: as facials, make-up, massage, nail technician, spray tanning, waxing, aromatherapy, electronic skin treatments, hydrotherapy and reflexology. Learning skills and having relevant experience is essential in order to have a career as a professional in hair and beauty. Hair and beauty apprenticeships can offer on-the-job experience taking you into a hair salon, beauticians, department store, holiday resort or spa.

Search for hair and beauty apprenticeships on Careermap today! For more information contact us at

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