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Environmental Apprenticeships – Ideal for career growth

Environmental Apprenticeships allow people to enter a profession where two things are vital – care and passion. The great outdoors wouldn’t stay that way forever if it wasn’t for people working to keep it that way.

Environmental Apprenticeships train young people to future-proof the planet by ensuring countryside, wildlife populations and eco-systems are preserved for generations to come.

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What kinds of Environmental Apprenticeships are out there?

There are four types of environmental Apprenticeships for those interested in conservation – habitat management, coastal management, flood risk management and dry stone walling.

Staying at basic apprentice level, there are opportunities for animal lovers too. You can monitor and log how different types of animals are breeding and help protect species that need care – definite job satisfaction.

Once qualified, your starting salary will be £18,000, but once you work up to a level 3 Environmental Apprenticeships, you will be in a position to work learn management skills. This could involve working with communities for conservation projects and learning how to budget projects.

What job opportunities typically follow Environmental Apprenticeships?

Environmental Apprenticeships are the perfect way to do your bit in protecting the planet and there are plenty of occupations that need skilled workers.

You can become a conservation manager in a chosen field of woodland, marine or coastal, or you can work for a government department such as the Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs (DEFA).

Aside from conservation manager, at an intermediate level there are opportunities to become an estate worker, ranger and or a recycling officer and many more!

Once the basic level of environmental Apprenticeship is achieved, you will have the chance to become a recreation officer, ecologist, senior ranger, senior estate worker or an environmental management officer.

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