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Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Manufacturing Apprenticeships – Engineer the right career path for you

Manufacturing Apprenticeships present unbelievable, exciting and limitless opportunities. From power, ceramics, aerospace to motorsport, you have the chance to touch people’s lives everyday.

With over 50 qualifications to choose from, manufacturing Apprenticeships promise a future of discovery. Technical innovation is needed for carbon fibre/electronics, more traditional skills are wanted for jewellery/ceramics and there are even Apprenticeships available to solve tomorrow’s energy challenges.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships offer plenty of on-the-job training, so if you think you have a future in making things and want to bring the best out of your talents, click ‘View Now’ and see which manufacturing Apprenticeship you could apply yourself to.

Which Manufacturing Apprenticeships are right for me?

Manufacturing Apprenticeships open up a broad field. The main industries include textiles, food, furniture, glass, metals and paintings, all of which could see you operating big machines at the factories or working with tools in a small workshop.

All the relevant industries for manufacturing Apprenticeships require complex machinery, which needs to be designed, built and maintained. For example, in the motor industry, you could be spray-painting a new sports car, fix broken cars and rescued stranded motorists or become a train driver.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships: Tools for Success

All the jobs involved with manufacturing Apprenticeships require high levels of skill, precision and concentration. Manuel and technical skills are also important in this sector, as are qualifications in maths, IT & science.

Young people who undertake an Apprenticeship in manufacturing need to be good at following instructions and be able to work in a team, but varying levels of Apprenticeship will demand initiative to solve problems.

At an intermediate level you can undertake a manufacturing Apprenticeship in bus & coach engineering, ceramics, composite engineering, explosives & storage maintenance, glass & vehicle restoration.

For advanced level manufacturing Apprenticeships, there are opportunities to become an electrical engineer, software engineer, systems engineer, aircraft systems technician, design engineer and a quality engineer.

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