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Warehouse & Logistics Apprenticeships

Transport Apprenticeships & Logistics Apprenticeships – Taking your career in the right direction

Why are transport Apprenticeships and logistics Apprenticeships so popular? Transport logistics are everywhere and without it the wheels of industry and the UK economy would grind to a halt. Logistics is defined as ‘time-related positioning of resource’ and is the process of ensuring products get to the right place, at the right time, with the right quality & quantity and at the right price.

Logistics Apprenticeships could see you working third-party logistic companies, specialist freight companies, utilities companies, government and even the armed services. Duties include anything from purchasing, supply chain management, warehousing and inventory management.

Transport Apprenticeships present an opportunity to become a vital cog in the distribution of products across the country and possibly overseas. To find your perfect path, click ‘View now’ and see what transport logistics Apprenticeship careermap can offer you.

Transport Apprenticeships & Logistics Apprenticeships: What does it take to succeed?

The goal of any logistics operation is to move the product from supplier to customer, otherwise known as the ‘supply chain’ and it’s vital that they arrive at the right place at the right time.

Therefore, logistics Apprenticeships require someone who has good people and communications skills, analytical and problem solving skills, IT skills, reporting and presentation abilities and creativity.

Ideally, someone who is to undertake transport Apprenticeships or logistics Apprenticeships will also be flexible. The role is a 24/7 environment and could see you moved across various UK locations and possibly abroad. Starting salaries for those qualified in transport logistics range from £18-25k depending on the organisation, so it is worth considering if you believe you possess the right skillset and attitude.

Types of Transport Apprenticeships & Logistics Apprenticeships available

A transport and logistics Apprenticeship trains you to play an important role in liaising with people including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers, but there are also opportunities for more advanced Apprenticeships.

At an intermediate level, you can become a logistics operative or a logistics support operative, where duties involved stock control, maintaining flow of goods and quality and quantity control.

Advanced level transport Apprenticeships present an opportunity for an intermediate transport logistic Apprentice to become a logistics operations team leader or a section supervisor.

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