Watch Now | The Careers & Enterprise Company CPD Webinar for Teachers & Career Leaders | October 2019

The Careers & Enterprise Company webinar was a huge success. We looked closely at the quality of education, personal development and how you can use the benchmarks to improve careers provision. Kelly from The Careers & Enterprise shared insights into how teachers and Career Leaders can overcome obstacles when it comes to the Gatsby Benchmark #1 and explained how many schools and colleges often find this one the biggest challenges.

Kelly explained that although it is important to implement a stable careers programme as outline by the Careers Strategy it is also vital to share this information with students, parents and employers and to ensure they understand it.

Additionally, The Careers & Enterprise also explained how important it is to evaluate your careers programme so that it encompasses every aspect of the Careers Strategy. If you would like to find out more information about this, watch the video above or find out more here.

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