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What Should I Take to University Checklist

So, you’ve decided university is the right route for you! If you’re due to make the transition from college to university this year then you might be feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. Don’t worry! We’ve put together an ultimate checklist to help you understand exactly what you need. 

First things first, remember that how you’re feeling now is completely natural but with a little bit of guidance, we can help make the process as uncomplicated as possible. From kitchen essentials to important documents, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist which covers everything. This way you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything when it comes to the big move!

Your university checklist

Going to university is a big deal and unfortunately, taking everything with you just isn’t an option. However, there are some things you definitely don’t want to forget! We’ve compiled a list of all the important things you’ll need on your university checklist.

Important documents

Remembering important documents is essential when moving to university. Imagine getting there and realising you’ve forgotten your ID? It wouldn’t be the smartest of moves and you would need to go back and get it. Here is a full list of important documents that you’ll need:

Electrical items

In today’s society, as you well know, technology is a must. How else are you going to get your university assignments completed or binge-watch Netflix at the weekend? We’ve included a list of all the electrical items that you will most likely need to bring with you:


Make sure you think about all the clothes you’re going to need. It’s not just about what you’ll need for attending lectures and classes but you also need to think about the famous university night outs. 

Make sure you pack with you:

Young woman lay on sofa in pyjamas doing university work

Once you’ve packed all your essentials, it’s time to think about what you need for each room. We’ve broken this down into rooms to make it a little simpler:




When deciding what to take for the kitchen, it may be worth checking with your university residential halls as some provide essentials such as a kettle, microwave and toaster. However, you will most likely still need to bring with you:


The academic side of what to take is just as important as your electrical items and clothes. Make sure you take a bag which is big enough to fit your books and folders in it. Remember to bring with you a folder to keep all your work organised, lined paper, pens, paperclips, cellotape, scissors, pencil, rubber and plastic wallets. 

It’s also worth noting that you should register for a doctor’s surgery near you as you don’t want to have to go home every time you feel poorly. 

Now what?

Once you have finished packing your bags, you’ll need to plan how you’re going to get there. Whether your parents are going to give you a lift or you use a student baggage transportation service that all depends on your circumstances. However, if you get to university and realise you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. There will be plenty of shops for you to pick essentials up from. 

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