Supporting Employers to Deliver Meaningful Experiences of the Workplace

Are you an employer who would like to deliver experiences of your workplace but don’t know where to start? 

Careermap is proud to announce that we have been commissioned by The Careers & Enterprise Company, in partnership with Engineering UK, to develop a ‘how to guide’ about offering experiences of the workplace. This resource outlines step-by-step how you can run a successful work experience programme, whether that be face to face, virtual or blended.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still very much possible for employers to deliver meaningful experiences of the workplace. The Careers and Enterprise Company recognises and understands the importance of young people experiencing the workplace and are here to provide employers with the assistance needed to do so. 

The Coronavirus outbreak led to school closures and exam cancellations, while students, schools and employers all face unprecedented times, with additional barriers to overcome when providing young people with work experience. Young people need exposure to the world of work to support their transition from classroom to employment. This helps to develop a young person’s employability skills and raises aspirations.

The Careers and Enterprise Company work experience guide encourages employers to join forces with schools and colleges to tackle the impact the pandemic has had on delivering experience of the workplace. Although it is true that the pandemic has significantly impacted face to face work experience programmes and placements, many employers have successfully transitioned to a virtual workplace delivery and you can too! 

Employers offering experiences of the workplace are fundamental to student outcomes, raising aspirations and achieving Gatsby Benchmark 6: Every student should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/ or work experience so they can explore their career opportunities and expand their networks. It can also intersect with Gatsby Benchmark 5: Pupils should have encounters with employers and employees. However, we’ll mostly focus on Gatsby Benchmark 6. Learn more about the Gatsby Benchmarks.

How to use this resource?

As an employer, you can utilise this resource to download key documents covering all legal and safeguarding requirements and discover how you can work with schools and colleges to support young people. You will also find a wide variety of templates to support the design, delivery and evaluation of your experience of the workplace. 

If you’re a school and college, please feel free to share this resource with employers who you collaborate with on work experience projects.

Are you ready to inspire young people to thrive in a changing world of work?

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