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Air Traffic Controller Apprenticeship in Leeds

Want a career like no other? If you answered ‘yes’ then an Apprenticeship as an air traffic controller can offer you just that. And we can tell you all about it, if you just read on…

You will play an essential part to the safe running of the aviation industry ensuring it runs as smooth as possible and arrivals and departures are on time, 24 hours a day. Helping to keep some of the busiest airspace in the world moving. The work can challenging and demanding, but it’s immensely rewarding too.

About the Role of an Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller Apprenticeship is a crucial role, who else is going to give the pilot active support to ensure their flight safety? With the increased volume of traffic, managing flights is a complex and sometimes pressurised job. Everyone now a days goes abroad, holidays are no longer a luxury for the wealthy.

As an air traffic controller to track planes on their travels and to keep in touch with pilots you’ll be using the latest technology and radar. Alternatively, you’ll be liaising with the planes on approach. If you’re in charge of the airspace between airports, you’ll be called an Area or Terminal Controller. And if you’re helping pilots land, the role is described as an Approach or Aerodrome Controller.

Progression Routes

Why wouldn’t you want to progress within such a fascinating industry? With experience prospect in this industry are wide spread and unlimited, you could even move in to training and assessing new controllers or progress to supervisor, unit manager or operations manager.


Leeds Bradford Airport welcomes on average 3.5 million people a year, that’s a lot of people jetting away for their holidays and it’s the air traffic controllers responsibility to ensure each and every one of them people get there safely operating 24 hours a day.

Have you got the aptitude and attitude to get your career off to a flying start with an air traffic controller Apprenticeship?

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