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Careermag for School Leavers

Explore apprenticeships, T Levels, work experience and university options including interview prep and student life. Navigate your options with confidence. If you're an educator use this resource to ignite discussions and guide your students.

Careermag for Parents & Guardians

We know talking about careers can be daunting but we're here to guide you through the maze of post-16 and post-18 options, so you can strike up the best career conversations with your children using our expert advice and resources.

Careermag for Graduates

Navigate post-grad life with confidence. Land your dream job with interview prep, discover what you can do with your degree, and harness the power of your qualifications. Plus support for beating the graduate blues, moving back home & more.

careermag for lifelong learning

Careermag for Lifelong Learning

Tailored for career changers and lifelong learners, we offer expert guidance on CVs, interviews, and more. Ignite your potential, master new skills, and confidently navigate your journey. Your dream career starts here – unlock a world of opportunities.

Careermag for Inclusion

Tailored for individuals with disabilities, schools, and colleges looking for SEND resources & employers. From accessible job opportunities to success stories, discover your path to a fulfilling career. Join us in creating a more inclusive workforce.

Careermag for Primary Schools

Let's challenge career misconceptions and start conversations early. Together, we'll break down stereotypes and explore the incredible world of possibilities. It's never too soon to dream big and create a brighter future.

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