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Amazon Apprenticeships: Meet Anjalee and Oli

You may be surprised at the range of apprenticeships available. Here are just two apprentices working for Amazon. 

Anjalee Vichhi is a  Digital Marketing Apprentice at Amazon. Anjalee says:

I sit within the EU Brand team working on UK social to raise awareness for Amazon Music. If there’s one thing for sure, no day is ever the same in my role. One day, I could be brainstorming ideas and briefing in an exciting new team project and the next day I could be promoting content through paid media. Amazon Music is very fast paced so you can learn so much in a short amount of time. 

Going down the apprenticeship route was an easy choice for me. The opportunity to gain a qualification and work experience from professionals in the industry was something that I couldn’t pass up. I chose an apprenticeship over university because I wanted to learn transferable skills that could be used across the digital marketing department. The combination of learning both practically and theoretically has developed my digital marketing skills all round.

I would recommend the apprenticeship because, not only will you gain relevant hands on work experience and a recognised qualification, but you are given guidance and support throughout the programme.  Amazonians are incredibly helpful and friendly and you can easily build a great network for yourself which can set you up for a bright future ahead.

Oli Wheatly is a Software Development Engineer Apprentice at Amazon. Oli says:

I knew I wanted to get a degree upon leaving college, so I had the choice between University or a Degree Apprenticeship. I didn’t feel that university was right for me as I didn’t want the debt and would prefer to be in a working environment since I learn better with hands-on experience. It will give me a leg up in my career after I have finished, having four years of industry experience at a large, multinational leading company, and a degree at the age of 22.

My responsibilities include attending team meetings, designing and writing high quality code, testing code and coming up with new ideas for my team’s products. I work on customer facing features which is awesome because I can see my effect on the business and so can millions of customers!

A degree apprenticeship provides experience in the workplace coupled with a phenomenal foundation for a career in software development. The skills I have learned will allow me to adapt to new jobs throughout my career. I plan on climbing the software engineering ranks in hope of one day becoming a Principle Engineer.

Amazon’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship puts you in a great position for a future career in software development and Amazon is extremely supportive the entire way.

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