British ambulance responding to an emergency in hazardous bad weather driving conditions on a UK motorway

Emergency Services – Ambulance Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great way to start your career in the ambulance service. There are several different routes available in the ambulance service. You could work as part of the Patient Transport Service with a team of highly dedicated colleagues to provide the safe transportation of patients as they travel to and from medical appointments. You will provide care and attend to patients as they travel, ensuring that they are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

What Training will you receive?

You will receive a comprehensive four week training package at the start of this apprenticeship, which includes the provision of essential care skills such as: Safeguarding Adults and Children, Physical, Sensory and Cognitive Disabilities, Safer Moving and Handling, Infection Prevention and Control, Basic Life Support and lots more. The PTS Apprenticeship programme provides a work-based experience and qualification required for progression into A&E services.

What other Sectors could you work in?

You could also work within the Support Service and Administration, here you will work with a team of highly-dedicated colleagues to provide a range of key support functions, these could be in Finance, Human Resources (HR), IT, Risk and Safety and many other support services departments. These apprenticeships will provide a variety of work-based experience in primarily administrative support areas. For this apprenticeship a commitment to the provision of high quality patient care and confidentiality is an essential requirement of the role.

How can you make a Difference?

There is a severe staff shortage within the NHS, the lack of resources are leaving staff overworked. Young people today can be that change. You could be the change. An apprenticeship in this industry is all about making a difference. The ambulance service is too often not used properly consequently this causes trepidation amongst staff about what might lie ahead. 999 calls are being made for minor incidents like colds, hoax calls are also a major issue. This restricts the ambulance department from helping those in a critical condition.

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