2 years ago

IT apprenticeships in London are a varied and exciting career option. Usually after you pass your apprenticeship, wages are excellent and career progresssion is exponential. For example, you could one day be working for a small takeaway installing their new broadband system and the next day sorting out a complex networking system for a massive corporation.

www.careermap.co.uk have all the latest vacancies from top employers like Microsoft, Cisco, Google and many more, so the sky really is the limit.

IT jobs aren’t just about turning clients computers off and on to get them to work, ┬álike many people believe , they are much more demanding and take a keen eye for detail. Yes, ok, sometimes all it takes is to reset a computer to get it to work but not always and these are the challenges you will face.

Whether you choose system administrator in a school or college or bespoke website coding and development, the opportunities really are endless in the IT sector.


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