An apprenticeship, college course or going straight into work – those are the three major choices available to you after coming out of school. At Careermap we are here to connect you with educational institutions and businesses – to not only make your choice less stressful, but to make sure you understand exactly what choices are available to you.
Apprenticeships are an excellent option for those leaving school; as the government sponsored schemes allow you to train and learn your role in a hands-on environment.

You will also work with experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge relating to your chosen scheme, so they can provide you with support and guidance along the way. You will also be studying towards gaining professional qualifications, but unlike a college course, you will gain experience on the job.

There are a wide range of sectors that accept apprentices including everything from health and beauty to engineering and plumbing – so there is a wide scope of choice available. If you are looking into taking part in an Apprenticeship scheme it is important to look around and find a scheme which suits you and your future career path. At Careermap we have a wide choice of areas to choose from, and they are simple to find so you will not warrant any added stress.

The Benefits

You’re leaving school and weighing up your options. Why consider an apprenticeship?

They provide a great opportunity to combine on-the-job experience with training.

If you are under 24, the training is free and – even better – it’s paid work. Yes, you will receive a wage and some employers pay more than others. It’s an unbeatable way to earn while you learn.

They are available in a wide range of industries including:

There are different levels of apprenticeships to suit your abilities and knowledge.

They are available across the country:

…and many other locations.

90% of apprentices stay in employment after completing their apprenticeships.

You won’t meet some bloke pointing at you, saying “You’re Fired.”

Increasingly, apprenticeships are seen by many as the gold standard for work-based training with over two million started since 2010. They are available all year round and can last between one and four years.

You work with experienced staff gaining job-specific skills in real situations, while also receiving tailored training to reinforce your learning and development, leading to a related qualification.

So, if you are 16 or over, not in full time education and eligible to work in the UK, why not explore our Careermap, and discover the route to learning and earning in your area.

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