Architecture Apprenticeships: What is Expected of You?

Architecture apprenticeships are very competitive. When you apply for one, you will be interviewed along with thousands of other candidates, so you have to know what is expected of you so that you can make yourself the better candidate.

The interview process

The interview process will be rigorous, but this depends on the company that the apprenticeship is for. Some companies will have a formal interview process with a group of interviewers. Other companies will be less formal and it might be a one-to-one interview.

In either case, they will expect you to have dressed smart and you should approach the interview with a professional attitude. If you act too relaxed or you don’t make an effort with your suit, then they will think that the apprenticeship does not mean that much to you.

Close-up Of Person's engineer Hand Drawing Plan On Blue Print with architect equipment, Architects discussing at the table, team work and work flow construction concept.

What should you do if you are accepted?

Once you have been accepted and you have the apprenticeship, you should have a very positive attitude towards your work and the progress that you make at the company.

You should treat the apprenticeship like it is your job because you might end up with a job at the end of it. Most architecture apprenticeships will last a year and because you have been trained the company way, you will be more likely to get a job with the company, should one become available.

What will the structure be like?

Most companies will have a structured guidance policy for their apprentices, so you should get a mentor and have regular meetings to discuss your progress and anything that you can do to improve.

With some apprenticeships, you could be sent on day release to a school so that you can get a formal education in architecture. This will only be a few days a week and on the other days, you will be getting experience in the field, with the company.

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