AstraZeneca Apprenticeships

Are you looking for a unique opportunity that allows you to continue with your learning and enter the world of work? It’s time to start considering an AstraZeneca Apprenticeship.

About AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca are focused on making a difference in peoples lives by developing new medications that arlife-changingng. AstraZeneca is an international pharmaceutical company, if you share the same visions then continue reading to find out about AstraZeneca Apprenticeships.

About AstraZeneca Apprenticeships

An AstraZeneca Apprenticeship will allow you to gain invaluable work experience and skills that will set you up for life, you’ll also work towards a nationally recognised qualification AND get paid.


You can work in the following job roles at AstraZeneca:

Manufacturing – During this Apprenticeship you will combine plant based learning with on and off the job training, gaining experience from staff

Lab Scientist – You’ll be working within biology or chemistry science testing life changing medicines.

Engineering – During this Apprenticeship you’ll spend time in college and then on site alongside a mentor to understand how plant equipment should be operating and how to repair.

Supply Chain – You’ll be part of a logistics team working within procurement, study management or warehouse.

IT – Working within IT you could work as one of the following roles: IT project manager, business analyst, information and cyber security analyst, infrastructure application maintenance analyst, application development analyst.

AstraZeneca will offer you all the support you need throughout your Apprenticeship with them and you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to develop your skills. All you need to do is show a passion for being part of a global pharmaceutical company, prove you’re an enthusiastic person and meet the job listing criteria. (All job listing have different criteria so ensure you check the description). 

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