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Atkins Apprenticeships: All you need to know

Atkins Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to kick start your career and continue with your learning. Don’t want to go to university but still want to continue gaining qualifications? Atkins Apprenticeships really are a credible alternative.

Who are Atkins?

Atkins were founded in 1938 and have since made their mark as a global leading design, engineering and project management company working on a wide range of projects from creating transport links to designing spectacular buildings and even showcasing innovative ideas to help maintain energy supplies.

About Atkins Apprenticeships

Atkins Apprenticeships combine study with on the job training allowing you to obtain practical experience, highly sought skills, qualifications and you’ll even get paid.

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Atkins Apprenticeships involve working alongside industry experts who will be there to offer you a wealth of support and help develop your skills for you to reach your maximum potential.

What type of Apprenticeships can I do at Atkins?

Atkins offers Apprenticeships in design, engineering and project management where you’ll be given the opportunity to work across a broad scope of business areas. Whatever you’re looking for Atkins can help you to forge a career in a fascinating industry. Atkins offer 3 levels of Apprenticeships: advanced, higher and degree.

As an apprentice at Atkins you could be working within aerospace, defence, security and technology where you will be working with cutting edge technology as a system engineer, mechanical designer, control and instrumentation, infrastructure design and even project management.

You could also be working within energy at Atkins where you’ll be coming up with innovative ideas on preserving energy for future generations.

Infrastructure is everywhere. Whether it’s the school we go to, an airport or a tunnel those are all thanks to infrastructure. As an apprentice in infrastructure you could be based within engineering, building services or the environment so whichever you decide you’ll be making a difference to the lives of others.

Atkins Apprenticeships

Do you want to shape transport networks? As a transportation apprentice at Atkins you’ll do exactly that. Transport links are crucial to the economy and you could be working on a range of projects from smart motorways to rail networks and city metros. Transportation Apprenticeships really are exciting to be a part of.

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