Engineer with Glasses and Beard Works on a Tablet Computer Next to an Electric Car Chassis Prototype with Wheels, Batteries and Engine in a High Tech Development Laboratory

Automotive Engineering Apprenticeships

Automotive Engineering Apprenticeships

About the Automotive Industry


It’s all about vehicles, don’t just think cars. Think bigger! This sector covers all kinds of vehicles including buses, motorcycles, vans, lorries, fire engines and trailers. Automotive engineers work on the design and manufacture of vehicles, or develop the technology of existing vehicles. This type of engineering has links with the electrical and mechanical engineering.

Automotive engineering is crucial to everyday life. How else would we be able to order a take away to our house if the delivery guy didn’t have a vehicle that was safe and running adequately? It really would be the end of the world.

The day-to-day tasks faced by a technician in the automotive industry are constantly changing attributed by the introduction of ever more complex technologies and diagnostic equipment.

Daily responsibilities

As an automotive apprentice you must have strong problem-solving skills and a good grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of a vehicle’s systems. You’ll learn to work both independently and to operate as an effective team member. The growing complexity of today’s vehicles adds to the demands to attract and train high calibre individuals.

As an automotive engineer apprentice you’ll usually specialise in a particular aspect of the entire engineering process. You may decide to focus on the design of individual components or concentrate on testing and research. You could focus on the development of mechanical systems or maybe your area of expertise is to oversee the final production activity. Depending on whether you decide to focus on the design, development or production sector your day to day responsibilities may differ.

Design – You’ll turn ideas into blueprints for development and testing. You’ll also use skills and computer aided design software. As an automotive apprentice in design engineering you’ll take into account issues such as reliability and safety, whether production would be cost-effective, potential environmental impact and the image of the vehicle after presentation is just as important as anything else. People buy cars off image.

Development – In development engineering, you’ll build and test prototypes by using a combination of computer simulations and physical tests to assess strengths, weaknesses, performance and safety.

Production – This will involve planning the production run. You may redesign machine tools, equipment and processes to make new parts. You’ll also monitor costs and production schedules, and oversee quality control.

Progression Routes

Career prospects in automotive are thriving, it’s an ever changing industry, new developments and innovations are constantly occurring. You can progress to managerial roles, maybe own your own business one day?

Whatever your ambitions an Automotive Engineering Apprenticeships is the route to go down.

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