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Azzurri Group Apprenticeships

Azzurri Group Apprenticeships provide a wide range of opportunities for you to start a career in the hospitality industry. Are you eager to start your career within hospitality but also want to gain a qualification? Why choose one when you can have both through an Azzurri Group Apprenticeship!

Who are Azzurri Group?

Azzurri Group are one of the leading Italian food business in the UK. Food is at the heart of what they do and they famously have a love of Italy. They have over 250 restaurants and shops such as ASK Italian, Zizzi and Coco di Mama.

What do Azzurri Group Apprenticeships involve?

Azzurri Group Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme that combines academic study with on the job training, so you can kick-start your career while gaining a range of highly sought skills, real life work experience and a nationally recognised qualification while also getting paid! During your Apprenticeship with Azzurri Group you’ll develop your knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry while also advancing your talent and progression opportunities.

There are a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities available at Azzurri Group from chef to bar and waiting. Customer service is key at Azzurri Group and you’ll need to ensure you make each customer experience the best it can be. If you’re keen to start your career as a chef you’ll need to be passionate about cooking.

Azzurri Group Apprenticeships

Throughout your Apprenticeship with Azzurri you’ll constantly be learning new things and developing your skills and experience. You’ll also be encouraged and supported throughout your Apprenticeship with Azzurri Group by your employer, learning mentor and colleagues who all want you to succeed in a long and fulfilling career within the hospitality industry.

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