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Banking Apprenticeships in London

As we covered last time, London is the hotspot for all Apprenticeships, especially banking Apprenticeships! As the capital city, new Apprenticeships are always introduced there first along with some of the biggest industry leaders being located there in industries such as financial, media and business.

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Why London?

Well, why not London? Why would you not want to work in a vibrant city, with everything going on? The diversity of London is replicated in the Apprenticeship opportunities available to you. From banking to Finance and Accountancy; from advertising and IT to construction and law, as well as with many Science and Engineering companies. The city really is your oyster.

Home to the City

Home to the city is banking and finance. Through the provision of liberal Apprenticeships in London, we’ll put any money on it, (we are talking banking after all) that London is the destination of your success when it comes to the banking and finance.

Bank and Finance Companies

Below is a list of top banking and finance companies based in London that offers Apprenticeships:

  • Barclays
  • Bank of England
  • HSBC
  • Bloomberg
  • Lloyds
  • Santander
  • J.P Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • PwC
  • Deloitte

Different types of banking Apprenticeships

You really are spoilt for choice when deciding which company to work when looking for a banking Apprenticeship in London. There are a variety of sectors within the banking industry such as commercial banks and building societies, investment banks, reinsurance companies, broking firms, independent financial advisers, to name but a few. Although it’s easy to head straight for the big companies, you can find banking and finance in pretty much any sector. For example, construction industries still need someone to take care of their accounts and finance.

This short clip shows a typical day as a banker:

But before you put all your money on the table, let’s take a look at what  banking Apprenticeships can offer you:

  • It offers a fast-paced, continuously challenging career
  • Professional training and development opportunities
  • Long term career plans
  • Salary and benefits
  • International travel & working abroad (only if you wanted)

What will you be doing during banking Apprenticeships?

What you’ll be doing all depends on which sector of banking you decide to work within. As a bank clerk you could be separated into one of the following:

Interest clerk – This means you’ll be dealing with bank interest, what is owed to the client and what a client owns to the bank.

Loan clerk – Organises and records loan information.

Statement Clerk – Preparing the account customers monthly balance sheets.

Exchange Clerk – Translating foreign currency

Security Clerk– Recording stocks, bonds, and other investment documents.

Bookkeeping Clerk – Looking after records for each customer’s account.

Just like any other business, banks need help with general tasks as well, for example, data entry, filing, mail handlers, and messengers.

So are you ready to put all your money on the table now with a bank Apprenticeship?

What about life after a banking Apprenticeship?

Prospect in banking are excellent and varied. With experience, you can progress to:

  • Team leader
  • Assistant manager of a department or branch
  • Branch manager
  • Regional manager

You could also move into alternative roles such as:

  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Risk management

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