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Barnsley College Apprenticeships

Barnsley College Apprenticeships provide the perfect stepping stone into a career you’ll love. Have you just finished school and don’t want to follow the crowd by studying full time? Don’t worry – there are a variety of alternatives available to you! Barnsley College recognised that full time study isn’t for everyone and that’s why they offer Apprenticeships for you to get your career started while still gaining qualifications!

What do Barnsley College Apprenticeships involve?

Barnsley College Apprenticeships involve a mixture of on the job training and classroom based learning allowing you to put theory into practice while also equipping you with an invaluable skill set, a nationally recognised qualification and real life work experience within the workplace. Not only will you be gaining real skills in a real job but you’ll also earn while you learn!

Barnsley College offer a wide range of Apprenticeship levels from Intermediate (Level 2) which is equivalent to 5 good GCSE passes, Advanced (Level 3) which is equal to 2 A-Levels and Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4, 5, 6, 7). A level 4 Apprenticeship is equivalent to a higher education certificate or diploma, Level 5 is equal to a foundation degree, Level 6 and 7 are equivalent to bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. With such a variety of options available there is bound to be an Apprenticeship at Barnsley College to fit your current education position.

Barnsley College offer an extensive range of Apprenticeship opportunities to school leavers looking for a credible alternative to university and college. These include positions within the following industries:

Accounting – Apprenticeships include Assistant Accountant (Level 3), Professional Accounting Taxation Technician (Level 4)

Automotive – Apprenticeships include Vehicle Fitting (Level 2), Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Light or Heavy (Level 2), Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Light or Heavy (Level 3)

automotive apprentices

Barbering – Apprenticeships include Barbering (Level 2 and Level 3)

Beauty Therapy – Apprenticeships include Beauty Therapy (Level 2) and Beauty Therapy Massage Route (Level 3)

Bricklaying – Apprenticeships include Bricklaying (Level 2 and Level 3)

Built Environment – Apprenticeships include Construction and the Built Environment (Level 3)

Business Administration – Apprenticeships include Business Administration (Level 2, 3, 4)

Business Environment – Apprenticeships include Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3), Customer Service (Level 3), Customer Service (Level 2), Retail Manager (Level 4), Retail Team Leader (Level 3) and Retailer (Level 2)

Joinery/Carpentry – Apprenticeships include Joinery/Wood Occupations (Level 2 and Level 3)

carpenter in wooden structure

Catering – Apprenticeships include Professional Cookery (Patisserie and Confectionery) (Level 3), Chef de Partie (Level 3), Commis Chef (Level 2), Hospitality Supervisor (Level 3), Hospitality Team Member (Level 2), Senior Chef: Production Cooking (Level 3)

Childcare – Apprenticeships include Children and Young Peoples Workforce Children’s Social Care Pathway (Level 3), Children and Young Peoples Workforce (Level 2), Early Years Educator (Level 3), Playwork (Level 2), Playwork (Level 3), Residential Childcare (Level 3)

Cleaning and Support Services – Apprenticeships include Cleaning and Support Services (Level 2)

Computing – Apprenticeships include Infrastructure Technician (Level 3), IT Software, Web and Telecoms Professional (Level 3), IT Software, Web and Telecoms Professional (Level 2), Network Engineer (Level 4), Software Developer (Level 4)

Construction – Apprenticeships include Construction Management Higher Apprenticeship/Construction and the Built Environment HNC (Level 4), Design and Draughtsperson (Level 3), Property Maintenance (Level 2)

Creative and Digital Media – Broadcast Production Assistant (Level 3), Creative and Digital Media (Level 3), Creative and Digital Media Journalism (Level 3), Junior Content Producer (Level 3), Junior Journalist (Level 3)

creative, digital and media Apprenticeships

Dental Nurse – Apprenticeships include Dental Nurse (Level 3), Dental Practice Manager (Level 4)

Digital Marketing – Apprenticeships include Creative and Digital Media Public Relations (Level 3), Digital Marketer (Level 3), Social Media and Digital Marketing (Level 4), Social Media for Business (Level 3)

Dry Lining – Apprenticeships include Dry Lining and Interior Systems (Level 2)

Education Professionals – Apprenticeships include Specialist Support For Teaching and Learning in Schools (Level 3), Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Level 2)

Electrical Engineering – Apprenticeships include Electrical Engineering/Engineering Manufacture (Level 3), Electrical Engineering: Improving Operational Performance (Level 2), Electrical Installation (Level 3)

Engineering – Apprenticeships include Engineering: Performing Manufacturing Operations (Level 2), Engineering Maintenance: Electrical and Mechanical (Level 3), Engineering: Technical Support (Level 3)

Fashion and Textiles – Apprenticeships include Bespoke Tailoring (Level 5), Fashion and Textiles Apparel (Level 3)

Barnsley College Apprenticeships fashion and textiles

Graphic Design and Printing – Apprenticeships include Creative and Digital Media Photography (Level 3), Design (Level 3), Design Support (Level 2), Print and Printed Packaging Digital Pre-Press (Level 3), Print and Printed Packaging Digital Printing (Level 2)

Hairdressing – Apprenticeships include Hairdressing (Level 2 and Level 3)

Health and Social Care – Apprenticeships include Adult Care Worker (Level 2), Health and Social Care Leadership and Management (Level 5), Health and Social Care (Level 2 and Level 3), Healthcare Assistant Practitioner (Level 5), Health Perioperative Support (Level 3), Healthcare Clinical Support (Level 2 and Level 3), Healthcare Science Assistant (Level 2), Healthcare Science Associate (Level 4), Healthcare Support Services (Level 3), Healthcare Support Worker (Level 2), Lead Adult Care Worker (Level 3), Senior Healthcare Support Worker (Level 3)

Horticulture – Apprenticeships include Horticulture and Landscape Operative (Level 2), Horticulture (Level 3), Sports Turf /Golf Greenkeeper (Level 2), Sports Turf Operative (Level 2)

Management – Apprenticeships include Operations/Departmental Manager (Level 5)

Mechanical Engineering – Apprenticeships include Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering (Level 3)

Nail Services – Apprenticeships include Nail Services (Level 2 and Level 3)

Paining and Decorating – Apprenticeships include Painting and Decorating (Level 2 and Level 3)

Plastering – Apprenticeships include Plastering (Level 2 and Level 3)

Science – Apprenticeships include Laboratory and Science Technician (Level 3)

Barnsley College Apprenticeships science

Sport – Apprenticeships include Sport: Activity Leadership (Level 2), Sport: Community Activator Coach (Level 2), Sport: Exercise and Fitness (Level 2), Sports Development (Level 3)

Travel and Tourism – Apprenticeships include Travel Consultant (Level 3)

Warehouse, Logistics and Workforce Development – Apprenticeships include Supply Chain Management (Level 3), Supply Chain Management (Level 5), Supply Chain Warehouse Operative (Level 2), Traffic Office Clerk (Level 2), Traffic Office Manager (Level 3), Warehousing and Storage Operative (Level 2), Warehousing and Storage Team Leader (Level 3)

Welding – Apprenticeships include Fabrication and Welding (Level 3), Fabrication and Welding: Improving Operational Performance (Level 2)

Barnsley College Apprenticeships

Barnsley College Apprenticeships are a great way for you to receive a wealth of support to grow your talent and career capabilities while earning and learning.

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