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Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships in Cardiff

Think of Cardiff, and you may think of the Millennium Stadium or Cardiff Castle. It is also a fantastic place for anyone interested in a sport and fitness apprenticeship.

For whatever reason, the people of Wales’s capital city are very into fitness! As a result, the Careemap website shows there are a number of apprenticeships in this field.

Sports apprenticeships, like most apprenticeships, generally lead to an NVQ qualification. A sport or fitness apprenticeship can also lead to a wide range of job opportunities.

For instance, you may wish to work as a personal trainer. You could also provide after-school sports coaching. In fact, after school sports coaching is an area where there are many opportunities.

Part of the appeal of sport and fitness apprenticeships is that you are helping people lead healthier lives. For young children this is especially important as it is an important habit to get into.

Sports and fitness apprenticeships vary in length. They can be as short as five months, although they are more often around a year in length. During that time you can expect to earn the minimum wage for apprentices.

As for Cardiff, it is a lively city. Over recent years it has been redeveloped massively, especially Cardiff Bay where the National Assembly of Wales is based.

Eagle eye view of Cardiff

There is a thriving nightlife. The Millennium Stadium is a major sporting venue that hosts various events plus concerts by major artists including Rihanna and Bruce Springsteen. With two universities, there is also a large student population.

There has been an increase in participation in sports across the UK ever since the London Olympics took place in 2012. As a result, sport and fitness apprenticeships in Cardiff is a growing industry and a wise choice for any young person willing to complete an apprenticeship.

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