What to do when your apprenticeships ends Finding a job

What to do when your Apprenticeship ends

What to do when your Apprenticeship ends

The end of your Apprenticeship is drawing closer which means you’ll need to consider what you are going to do when it finishes. The prospect can be a little bit daunting, but the good news is there are lots of options open to you and it’s all about finding what’s right for you.

Know Your Options

- Stay with the Company you’re doing your Apprenticeship with

Are the company you’re currently working for recruiting? Have you asked whether they’d be interested in keeping you on when your Apprenticeship ends? The company have invested a lot of time in helping you gain the experience and skills needed for you to learn the job, it’s more than likely that if they have a position to fill they’d like to keep you on. If you’ve shown you’re a hard worker, determined and punctual then you’ll have been an asset to the team – why would they not want to keep someone like that on?

- Continue onto a Higher Apprenticeship

Perhaps you want to continue learning? If you want to continue your journey of learning, then you could look at investing your time in a higher level Apprenticeship. Apprenticeships range from intermediate all the way to degree level minus the university price tag. Does this sound appealing to you? You can search and apply for a wide range of higher Apprenticeships at Careermap.

- Find a Job

Don’t want to continue with your education? Now you’ve got all the experience and a qualification in your chosen discipline you’ll be valuable to any company. You could call into your local job centre and find job vacancies available in your area. You could even put together a CV and allow recruiters to do the work for you. Find a recruiter that specialises in your field of work and they’ll contact you regarding interview arrangements. There is also a wide range of internet job searches such as the government website.

Your journey isn’t over…

It’s just the beginning. Don’t think of your Apprenticeship as your journey ending, it’s just the start to a bright and successful future where the sky really is your limit. Do your research so you can make a well informed decision on what’s right for you.

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