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Young Professional Journey to Work

The free new virtual learning programme for young people from Youth Employment UK.

Who are you? What makes you tick? What do you WANT, and what do you NEED in life? And how do you get it?

The new Young Professional Journey to Work virtual learning programme from Youth Employment UK is a free learning tool for young people aged 17+. You’re welcome to use it if you’re older or younger and there’s a 16 and under version too!

The Young Professional Journey to Work is filled with reflections and activities to help you discover more about yourself, your needs and what you want to do in the future. It gives you the tools you’ll need for your own life journey, and takes a really inclusive approach so your personal needs have been considered. The Young Professional Journey to Work is a free self-discovery guide for everyone.

As a Young Professional Journey to Work student you can explore what life has to offer you right now – and also what comes next!

From handling emotions to learning how to find opportunities, you’ll discover a lot about yourself, your skills and how you can start shaping your future.

Your Young Professional Journey to Work starts with you!! It puts you and your skills first, and helps you figure out your next steps to a future that feels right for you.

How to use the Young Professional Journey to Work

Just sign up as a Young Professional, log into your dashboard and choose one of the eight Journey to Work courses to get started. You have a range of courses to try, from You and Your Needs to Confidence and Emotions, Experience and Taking Charge of your Career.

To pass each course you’ll need about 2 hours, but additional content will surface to help you explore what you need in more detail if you want to.

You don’t need to be tackling this all in one go and you don’t have to do it alone, you can choose to share the topics and activities with family, teachers, employers, apprenticeship providers and support workers.

More about us:

Youth Employment UK are employment experts giving young people skills, careers support and tools to fulfill their potential and connecting them to quality opportunities with Youth Friendly Employers.

Our Skills and Careers Hub provides 14-24 year olds with free resources, advice and guidance. Designed with input from young people, the Skills and Careers Hub offers practical tools to support young people through education, transition into employment and beyond in a process of lifelong learning.

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  • Skills development Opportunities
  • Peer to peer content
  • Youth Friendly Employers
  • Information on a range of topics including mental health and finances and signposting to expert organisations and support

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