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Dental Nurse Apprenticeship In Southampton

If tooth be told nobody likes going to the dentist. It’s not a fun visit. The poking, the prodding, the scraping. We cringe just thinking about it. We’re pretty sure everyone has these thoughts while at the dentist. You will need to show compassion at times. As an Apprentice Dental Nurse it’s your job to ensure your patients remain as calm as possible whether you’re dealing with an adult or a child; whatever the situation you will assist in the treatment running as smooth as possible.

No one can take our smiles away when dental decay is kept miles away.

In today’s generation hygiene plays a huge part. Everyone wants to keep on top of their hygiene meaning there is a high demand in many aspects of dentistry, people are not only paying for general dental care but also additional dental treatment such as dentures, teeth whitening and more. This creates many further career prospects.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

What would I be doing?

As a Dental Nurse in Southampton you will provide chair-side support to the dental team and support to the patient. Once trained Dental Nurse, you can progress into other career pathways such as: Dental Therapists and Hygienists, Oral Health Promotion, Dental Practice Management or related healthcare roles, such as Nursing and Radiography.

As a Dental Nurse you will be competent in the following tasks upon completion of your apprenticeship:

  1. Taking responsibility for the decontamination of instruments

  2. Maintaining dental operating equipment

  3. Ensuring that all relevant materials and supplies are in place

  4. Looking after patient records – including making notes when the dentist is examining a patient

  5. Working closely with the dentist, responding quickly to requests and generally keeping the surgery ready for use

Education is not only a ladder of opportunity but also an investment in your future.

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