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Teaching Apprenticeships: What you need to know

Teaching Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university. Do you want to continue learning and have a job? With a Teaching Apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds by continuing to gain qualifications as well as obtaining vital work experience.

What do Teaching Apprenticeships involve?

Teaching Apprenticeships combine academic study off the job with classroom experience in a school as part of your job role. Teaching Apprenticeships enable you to gain practical experience, invaluable skills and industry specific qualifications through work-based learning.

Teachers assist with the personal and educational development of children ranging from 0 to 18 years old. You could be working with children aged 0-5 years old in the early year's sector, in primary school teaching children aged 5-11 years old, in high school teaching children/teenagers aged 11-16 years old and in the higher education sector teaching 16+ year olds.

Let’s look at the roles that you can get into through teaching Apprenticeships:

Teaching Assistant – Teaching assistant support students development and offer encouragement whilst also supporting the teacher in charge. You’ll understand the needs of students, assist with lesson planning and get involved in day trips out and activities. You’ll also comply with child protection policies, data protection, confidentiality and security and report any concerns you may have to an appropriate adult. Watch this video to find out more:

Teacher – As a teacher, you’ll be motivating and challenging children in a safe and stimulating environment, planning structured lessons and activities and supporting development opportunities while managing behaviours and ensuring children are progressing.

Early Years Teacher – Early years teachers cover a broad range of environments. You could be working in a nursery, childminding or at a children’s centre. Early year teachers assist with the physical and emotional development of young children and assist with learning through games and play. You’ll also assist with feeding, administration of medicine and nappy changing. You will also be responsible for observing children and their progression and liaising with parents and other teachers to give updates on developments and any concerns.

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeships are currently changing from frameworks to standards by 2020 all frameworks will be replaced with standards. Apprenticeship standards focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprentice and meet the needs of the employers while assisting the apprentice on their learning journey through qualifications, experience and developing their understanding.

The teacher Apprenticeship (level 6) is currently ready for delivery and has been approved at all stages. Still undergoing the development process and not yet ready for delivery are the following Apprenticeship standards:

  • Teaching Assistant – Level 3
  • Academic Professional – Level 7
  • Further Education Learning Mentor – Level 3
  • Further Education Learning and Skills Teacher – Level 5
  • Further Education Assessor/Coach – Level 4
  • Early Years Senior Practitioner – Level 5
  • Early Years Lead Practitioner – Level 6
  • Early Years Educator – Level 3
  • Children, Young People and Families Manager – Level 5
  • Children, Young People and Families Practitioner – Level 4

Skills needed for teaching Apprenticeships

Teachers need to possess a diverse range of skills such as the ability to communicate effectively with children, parents and other teachers. You’ll also need to be calm, patient and able to deal with conflict when children are disagreeing or not trying. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to motivate your students and give constructive feedback to help students develop and progress.

Applying for Teaching Apprenticeships

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