Careermag for Lifelong Learning

Launching December 2020:

Careers are no longer for life. Most people will experience five or more changes of direction in their working life. Careermap created Careermag for Lifelong Learning as a guide for adults who are reimagining their careers or are looking for a new one, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Whether making a change through choice or by force, the newest edition to Careermap’s publications is Careermag for Lifelong Learning provides:

  • Up to date information about careers with the latest labour market information
  • Inspiration on sectors and industries showing more than the obvious
    Links to qualifications that could help make a career change or aid in progression
  • Tips & hints to help prepare for the job search
  • Where to find help with mental health issues during this challenging time
  • Motivational profiles of successful people – where they are and how they got there
  • Lists and links to free resources to help with self-learning
  • Updates on UK Government support schemes and funding

Sponsored by Pearson and supported by the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Education, Office for Students, Learning & Work Institute, Association for Apprentices and NHS Health Careers, amongst many others! Make sure to subscribe to get your free, downloadable copy.

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