Thinking about your next steps? Unsure of what career path you should take? We can help! Careermag is a high-quality careers magazine which connects students, graduates, their parents and educators to career support and guidance. Careermag is all about helping young people unlock their full potential through telling stories, dispelling myths and misconceptions and sharing insights into employment and qualification routes. Each issue features top employers, hints and tips to help you with your job search, inspiring case studies and sector spotlights so you can make a well-informed decision on what is right for you.

Careermag for Graduates focuses on providing inspiring insights into a range of careers, helping students and graduates to gain an awareness of how the graduate labour market operates and inspiration on a range of exciting careers. From how technology is impacting the world of work to careers of the future; decoding what employers are looking for; and tips to help you land your dream job – Careermag for Graduates is packed full of information and guidance.

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Careermag for Parents connects students and their parents to the latest career and qualification routes available. We recognise that parents are one of the biggest influences on your teenagers’ early career decisions. When your teenager asks ‘what should I do next?’, it can be a daunting question for any parent. Careermag for Parents is here to help you understand teenagers’ options as well as dispelling industry myths and misconceptions along the way. 

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Careermag for School Leavers explores the different opportunities available to you after school or college. Deciding your next steps can feel overwhelming, there are so many pathways to choose from, and it’s important that you understand your options so you can make a well informed decision on your future. Careermag for School Leavers includes: our popular Sector Spotlights looking at exciting careers; inspiring case studies from students who have been there and done it; and employability articles to help better prepare you for the world of work. 

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Choosing your next steps after university can be a daunting experience but it doesn’t have to be. Have you recently graduated from university or about to? Here you’ll find an array of information about all the career routes available to you so you can match your talents and your degree to the right job. Get in the know and find out about graduate jobs, graduate schemes, work experience, internships and masters degree programmes. 

Getting the Edge

If you’re looking to get the edge in a competitive job market then we’ll help you to do just that. We’ll share insights into gap years and credible alternatives to university, face to face and video interviews, creating a CV, how to become more employable, landing your dream career, careers of the future plus much more. 

Going to Uni

Decided that university is the right route for you? If so, you have a lot to think about! We’re here to make the transition from college to university a little less overwhelming. We’ll help to simplify the UCAS application process, prepare you for university open days, support you in finding the right degree and breakdown all your questions about student loans and freshers week plus much more!

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Top Stories

Image by This is Engineering via Flickr

Digital Careers

A world of endless possibilities. IT and computer science are not ‘just for nerds’! Whatever your interests, there is a career for you. From creating …

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African American smiling mother and teen daughter using laptop, having fun together at home, sitting on couch, smiling mum embracing child, shopping online, reading funny news or watching comedy

Talking to your parents about your choices

Making decisions about your future can be daunting. Looking to parents, guardians, teachers, friends can help guide you in your thinking. It is good to …

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BAME (1)

Celebrating the talent and diversity among British BAME Apprentices

Launched in 2016, the BAME Apprenticeship Awards (formerly known as the Asian Apprenticeship Awards) has now engaged with over 1000 apprentices from BAME backgrounds across …

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young lady leaving job after writing a letter of resignation

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

You’ve decided to move on from your current occupation and now you’re left wondering how to write a letter of resignation. If this sounds familiar, …

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Flex - RHB

Flex shares his BTEC experience…

Leaving school and knowing what you’d like to do for the rest of your life at the age of 16, is one of the most …

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Teanna - RHB

Teanna Maguire, BTEC Child, Health and Social Care Student of the Year 2019

Teanna Maguire, who won BTEC Child, Health and Social Care Student of the Year in 2019 (Pearson BTEC), was described as ‘one of the strongest …

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tattoo artist

Tattoo Apprenticeships

So you want to become a tattoo artist? A tattoo apprenticeship is one of the first steps you can take towards your dream career. You’ll …

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Fitness woman jumping outdoor in urban environment

5 ways the outdoors can boost mental health and wellbeing in young people

With the stresses and strains of everyday life, the mental wellbeing of young people is a significant concern, especially with as many as one in …

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