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Level 2 Off-track Apprenticeship


Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford Shrewsbury, Northampton, Preston, Gloucester Network Rail

Job Reference:  Network Rail
Job level:  Apprentice
Employer:  Network Rail
Industry:  Construction
Land Based
Job Type:  Full Time


City:  Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford Shrewsbury, Northampton, Preston, Gloucester


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Creating a positive environment matters

If working outdoors, supporting nature matters to you. You matter to us. As one of the largest landowners in Britain, Network Rail relies on our Off-track team to ensure the natural areas around our tracks and stations works with us, not against us. You’ll be mentored by experienced hands, and form strong bonds with those around you in one of our close-knit teams. With plenty of opportunity to progress to technician roles once you’ve completed the programme, this is a great way to launch an exciting career. So if you feel further education isn’t for you, this is an opportunity to study towards a series of recognised qualifications in land management, while earning a living, and building a stable career.


  • You need to be aged 18 or over to apply for the scheme. 
  • Your salary in the first year is £10,609, plus a £1,347 payment for successfully completing year one. Your salary will rise year on year to £16,504 in the fourth year.
  • This apprenticeship lasts for four years 
  • Our apprenticeships opportunities are located in: Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford Shrewsbury, Northampton, Preston, Gloucester  

Who you are matters 

We look for a natural passion for looking after the natural environment, and the focus to turn that interest into a career in water and land management. You’ll have a good standard of written and verbal communication skills, to ensure you have what it takes to pass your studies. And be eager to learn how to care for the trees and plants that grow around our railway network. You’ll be comfortable working in a team, but just as able to work on your own at times. With health and safety always at the forefront of your mind, you’ll be capable of looking after yourself, and your team, when working near the tracks in all kinds of weather conditions.

What you’ll be doing matters 

Throughout your apprenticeship, you’ll get practical, hands-on experience of how to maintain, improve and repair the various drainage, vegetation and access facilities that surround our railways. Whether repairing fences, managing tree growth, or ensuring water and plants aren’t affecting the way trains can run on the tracks, you’ll learn the many elements involved in off-track upkeep. Sometimes you’ll need to remove dead and diseased trees, or cut branches back, while at other times you’ll be plant new shrubs. Either way, you’ll always have an eye on supporting and maintaining the biodiverse habitat around our network.  

What you’ll get out of it matters 

You’ll gain your Arborist Level 2, Fencing Installer Level 2, and Water Environment Work and Countryside Worker certifications. You’ll also gain first aid and manual handling qualifications.

Your benefits matter

  • 28 days annual leave plus bank holidays. 
  • 5 volunteer days to contribute to your favourite causes.
  • Access to our employee assistance program, to help you with any finance, family, health or wellbeing issues you have.
  • Up to 75% discount on rail and underground season tickets.
  • Discounted online shopping.
  • Healthcare club membership discount.
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Access to a range of pension and insurance schemes.
  • Two weeks paid reserve leave for members of our Armed Forces community.

The opportunities it leads to matter

Thanks to the variety of qualifications and skills you’ll develop during your Off-Track Apprenticeship, there’s plenty of choice for career progression. Depending on what aspects of Off-track interests you the most, you can move towards forestry and water management, or engineering and asset career paths.  

The entry requirements matter 

We require apprentices to have at least a GCSE grade 4 or above in Maths and English.

ref: (Network Rail)
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