Child Care Apprenticeship in Birmingham

Are you interested in an Apprenticeship working with children?

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and in still a love of learning.

We currently have an appreciable amount of childcare Apprenticeships on our website waiting for people like yourself to apply.

So why choose childcare?

Not only will you gain a recognised qualification, you will also be gaining valuable work experience in childcare which can be a rewarding and fulfilling job as you watch the child develop.

You will take a hand, open a mind and touch a heart. Being able to teach a child something new and watching their eyes light up when they understand.

People who thrive on challenges will be well suited to this vacancy, there are certain qualities the candidate should possess to be successful within this career these include, being patient, caring, passionate and hard working. Childcare also offers many progression routes after the completion of the Apprenticeship, with there being a high demand for childcare workers with the majority of women continuing to work after having children.

We are currently recruiting one candidate that lives within the Birmingham area who feels they are able to meet the personal and emotional needs of individual children.

The ideal candidate will:

 Hold A* – C in English and Maths
 Be conscientious, reliable, trustworthy and punctual
 Be enthusiastic, motivated and outgoing

You will also be expected to work at least 30 hours per week.
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