Childcare Apprenticeships

Sir, Miss, Mrs – Can you help me?

Childcare and education is a crucial stage in anyone’s life; without it how else would we be prepared for the big wide world? We need people like you to help guide and develop us.

What can you do in the Childcare and Education Industry?

In the childcare and education industry you could do anything from the following:

  1. Primary School Teacher
  2. High School Teacher (in a specific subject)
  3. College Tutor
  4. University Lecturer (in a specific subject)
  5. Early Years
  6. Child Minder
  7. Before/After School Activity Teacher
  8. Coach
  9. Private Tutor
  10. Special Educational Needs Teacher
  11. Children’s Social Care Worker
  12. Youth Worker
  13. Children’s Nurse
  14. Councillor

Some of these roles you won’t be able to get into via an apprenticeship so make sure you do your research beforehand.

About the Childcare and Education Industry

Working in the childcare and education industry regardless of age is all about helping and developing a child or young adults physical and psychological skills.

Young Children

When working with young children it is important that you are patient and caring. You need to have their best interests at heart. Children are curious about the world, you’ll help guide them and gain an understanding. You’ll plan activities for them throughout the day to help motivate and stimulate their learning abilities. You’ll support the development of their physical coordination, speech and written communication skills.

Young Adults

Working in an educational environment with young adults can be challenging at times, we’ve all been to school and know of the class clowns, you might have even been one yourself. You’ll need to have the ability to remain calm even when faced with challenges and under pressure. Young adults will generate a wall of noise, thirty teenagers charge into the room chattering and shouting and you need to be in control. Discipline is key. You’ll need to plan lessons and prepare your students for exams/GCSE’s/A Levels etc along with being there for your students if they want to talk to you about personal circumstances so you’ll need to be approachable at all times.

Childcare apprenticeships

Children’s Social Care Worker/Councillor

A children’s social care worker/councilor required high levels of confidentiality, you’ll need to protect young people that are at risk of harm. You’ll need to be understanding, patient, and an excellent listener. With your aim always being the safety of a child.

As long as you have a big heart you’ll be able to shape the minds of others.

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