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Childcare Apprenticeships offer school leavers a wide range of opportunities. Whether you’re looking to work with babies, toddlers or children aged 5-16 year old there are opportunities available to you!

What do Childcare Apprenticeships involve?

Childcare Apprenticeships are all about looking after children of any age or stage of life and helping them to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

Childcare Apprenticeships really are a great route into a varied and fun career. During an Apprenticeship, you will combine learning on the job with off the job training where you’ll gain a wealth of industry related experience and obtain an accredited qualification.

According to Pacey (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) ‘were an estimated 452,100 early years staff in either group-based providers, school-based providers or working as childminders, and 3,092,100 childcare places across all provider types in 2016’. These statistics really do reflect the diversity of an essential industry.

Let’s take a look at a handful of roles you could be doing in the childcare industry:

Teaching Assistant – As a teaching assistant you’ll be based at a school where you will support learning and teaching. You’ll help the teacher to plan lessons and activities, supervise the class and assist with reading and students questions.

Watch this clip to find out more:

Nursery worker – As a nursery worker you’ll play a crucial role in the learning and development of young children. You’ll ensure the children have a safe environment, will assist with tidying up and supervise activities as well as getting the children involved and engaged with fun play such as crafts, the sandpit and outdoor activities.

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Youth Support Worker – Youth support workers generally work with 11+ and young adults to improve personal, emotional and physical developments. You’ll ensure your guidance help people reach their full potential.

Skills needed for childcare Apprenticeships

Do you want to make a difference? A career in childcare can be challenging at times but extremely rewarding as you will be helping a child to learn, develop and gain essential life skills. You’ll need to be patient, able to communicate not only with children but also with parents and teachers. Through a childcare Apprenticeship, you’ll gain all of these skills and more!

childcare apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Frameworks

Apprenticeship frameworks offered in the childcare industry include:

Children and Young People’s Workforce – Level 2, 3

Volunteer Management – Level 3

Apprenticeships are currently changing. Frameworks don’t always work, therefore by 2020 all frameworks will be replaced with standards which will focus on a set of skills, knowledge and qualification to ensure the employer and apprentices needs are met.

Apprenticeship Standards

The following Apprenticeship standards and ready for delivery:

Teacher – Level 6

Currently undergoing developments are the following childcare standards:

Academic Professional – Level 7

Children, Young People and Family Manager – Level 5

Children, Young People and Families Practitioner – Level 4

Early Years Educator – Level 3

Early Years Lead Practitioner – Level 6

Early Years Senior Practitioner – Level 5

Further Education Assessor/Coach – Level 4

Further Education Learning and Skills Teacher – Level 5

Further Education Learning Mentor – Level 3

Outdoor Sports – Level 3

Teaching Assistant – Level 3

childcare apprenticeships

Applying for childcare Apprenticeships

Think you’ve got what it takes to shape a little ones mind? You can apply for a wide range of childcare vacancies at Careermap. Can’t find one near you? Simply register your CV so top employers can find you!



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