Construction Apprenticeships

As the construction industry is such a diverse field, it can offer you a similarly broad choice in career opportunities. By taking an apprenticeship in construction, you can obtain highly sought-after skills in fields such as general construction, bricklaying, plastering and carpentry, interior systems or painting and decorating.

Along with getting valuable hands-on experience “on-the job”, you will also work towards various construction qualifications such as the Level 2 NVQ Diploma (competency qualification), Level 2 (training qualification) and advanced Level 3 Construction Diploma along with qualifications in maths and English.

For anyone looking for a career in the construction industry, we have made it easy and straightforward to find the perfect construction apprenticeship to get you ahead in the industry. Finding the right placement on our website is as simple as entering your town or postcode and pressing the Search button. This will allow you to browse hundreds of apprenticeships in the construction industry anywhere in the United Kingdom.  If you find an apprenticeship listing that interests you can click on it to get all the details.

How do you Apply for Construction Apprenticeships?

If you have found a construction apprenticeship you want to apply to, just Click on the Apply Now button on the detailed page for each apprenticeship opening. This way you can easily submit your details and get in touch with a company.  You can also send your CV together with your application.

Why should you choose Apprenticeships in the UK’s Construction Industry?

Working in construction can be the ideal career path for anyone looking for an exciting career in a thriving industry, the pay is well known to be excellent  and there is huge potential for career progression and specialisation. As well as it being a desirable sector to work in, there is always high demand for young skilled talent in the construction industry, so applying is well worth while.

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Construction apprenticeships can kick-start your career in one of the UK’s most exciting and promising fields. With Careermap it will be easy for you to find the available construction apprenticeships in no time. Start your great career in construction at CareerMap with just a few mouse-clicks!

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