Construction Apprenticeships

Construction Apprenticeships

Build the world around you.

There’s not ‘one way’ to get into the construction industry but there is a ‘best way’ and you’ll be pleased to know you’ve just stumbled across it. That’s right – an Apprenticeship. There are so many trades covered by the construction industry with a range of career paths to choose from it’s all about finding the perfect fit for you. Still in high school? Just finished university or college? None of that matters because anytime is good to get started in the construction industry. There’s often a common misconception that the construction industry is just for men. Let’s bust that myth right now because it’s not women are equally as able to succeed in this industry. After all, Bob does need his Wendy.

Have you decided which construction Apprenticeships interest you?

The construction industry is such a broad area made up for many fields of work, typical jobs in the construction industry include:

  1. Builder
  2. Electrician
  3. Civil Engineer
  4. Carpenter/Joiner
  5. Painter/Decorator
  6. Plumber
  7. Plasterer
  8. Infrastructure

Watch this short clip by CITB on how to get an Apprenticeship in the construction industry:


The construction industry isn’t about drinking tea and dunking your biscuits all day while wolf whistling the ladies. You’ll develop a range of skills; physical strength and stamina are important, you’ll be working for long hours which will involve heavy lifting and constantly being on your feet including lifting, climbing, bending, digging, and operating hand and power tools. You’ll also need excellent hand-eye coordination along with accuracy and precision.

It just keeps growing

The construction industry really does keep on growing and growing. There’s one thing we can guarantee is there will never be a shortage of work within this field of work. In the UK the construction industry is in demand.

What are you waiting for?

The construction industry really does provide a wealth of opportunities for apprentices. All you need to do is research your options at Careermap and a whole world of opportunities will be awaiting you.

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