Construction Apprenticeships: What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

Construction Apprenticeships are a great way to gain practical real life experience and qualifications in an industry that’s crucial to the world we live in. The houses we live in, the shopping trips we go on and the schools we gain an education in; none of those would be possible without construction workers. There would be no buildings, no roads and no hospitals. We really can’t imagine a life without construction, can you?

What will construction Apprenticeships involve?

Construction Apprenticeships offers school leavers a broad scope, you’ll continue your learning journey with off the job training and also gain on the job training to develop your knowledge and skills and experience.

The explains how the ‘construction industry contributes nearly £90bn to the UK economy, which is 6.7% of the total’.

There is a wealth of opportunities available from building to painting and decorating and quantity surveying. Let’s take a look at a small handful of opportunities available to you in the construction industry:

Building – Do you want to help build the world around you? As a bricklaying apprentice, you’ll do exactly that. You will mix cement to lay bricks, carry out building inspections and lay drain pipes whilst adhering to health and safety regulations.

construction apprenticeships

Plumbing – Plumbing Apprenticeships will involve repairing, fitting and maintaining plumbing systems you could be working on domestic or industrial projects getting the job done efficiently and safely.

Construction Apprenticeships plumbing

Painting and Decorating – Painter and decorators prepare surfaces prior to painting/decorating such as sandpapering, filling in holes, stripping wallpaper. You will also learn how to use different tools while decorating and painting such as different brush sizes, rollers, wallpaper paste, how to mix paint and how to measure the amount of paint/wallpaper required to decorate a building.

construction apprenticeships painting and decorating

Plastering – Plasterers apply various types of plaster to walls and ceilings prior to decorating. You’ll develop your knowledge of plastering terminology such as dry lining, skimming, floating, applying renders to outer walls and how to carry out decorative work.

Carpentry – As a carpenter, you will cut, shape and plan wood for various uses, create and fit structures, install, maintain and repair kitchens, shelving and furniture. This Apprenticeship will help you gain an extensive range of skills such as reading technical drawings and making accurate measurements.

construction Apprenticeships carpentry

Skills needed for construction Apprenticeships

Construction is both physically and mentally challenging but if you’re not afraid of hard work it could lead to a long and fulfilling career. Skills you’ll develop through a construction Apprenticeship include physical skills, how to comply with health and safety regulations, communication skills as you will need to liaise with other contractors such as if you’re a plasterer you’ll need to discuss with the painter and decorator when you’ll be finished etc. You’ll also learn how to interpret plans/designs and blueprints, work to deadlines and manage your time.

Construction Apprenticeship Frameworks

These are current Apprenticeship frameworks in the construction industry:

Construction Technical – Level 3

Construction Management – Level 4, 5, 6

Construction Civil Engineering – Level 2, 3

Construction Specialist – Level 2, 3

Construction Building – Level 2, 3

Building Services Engineer/Project Management – Level 3, 4

Fencing – Level 2, 3

Plumbing and Heating – Level 2, 3

Signmaking – Level 2, 3

Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors – Level 2, 3

Construction Apprenticeships Standards

Apprenticeships are changing, frameworks are thought to be too qualification lead and don’t meet the needs of employers, therefore, standards are currently undergoing development and will focus on the needs of employers.

This list shows all construction Apprenticeship standards that have been approved and are ready for delivery:

Building Services Design Engineer – Level 6

Building Services Design Technician – Level 3

Building Services Engineering Craftsperson – Level 3

Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson – Level 3

Building Services Ductwork Installer – Level 2

Building Services Engineer Installer – Level 2

Building Services Engineering Service and Maintenance – Level 3

Building Services Engineering Ventilation Hygiene Technician – Level 3

Chartered Surveyor – Level 6

Civil Engineer – Level 6

Civil Engineering Technician – Level 3

Digital Engineering Technician – Level 3

Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer – Level 2

Electrical Electronic Product Service and Installation – Level 3

Facilities Management Supervisor – Level 3

Fire Emergency and Security Systems Technician – Level 3

Gas Engineering – Level 3

Highway Electrical Maintenance and Installation Operative – Level 2

Highways Electrician/Service Operative – Level 3

Housing/Property Management – Level 2, 3, 4

Industrial Thermal Installation – Level 3

Installation/Maintenance Electrician – Level 3

Junior Energy Manager – Level 3

Lifting Technician – Level 2

Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician – Level 3

Property Maintenance Operative – Level 2

Tunnelling Operative – Level 2

Surveying Technician – Level 3

Steel Fixer – Level 2

Railway Engineering Design Technician – Level 3

Here is a list of Apprenticeship standards that are currently undergoing development and are awaiting approval:

Acoustics Technician – Level 4

Carpentry/Joinery – Level 2, 3

Architect – Level 7

Architectural Assistant – Level 6

Asbestos Analyst/Surveyor – Level 3

Asbestos Removal – Level 2

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) Control Engineer- Level 4

Building Services Engineering Site Manager – Level 6

Building Services Engineering Technician – Level 4

Chartered Town Planner – Level 6

Civil Engineer Site Manager – Level 6

Construction and Civil Engineer Ground worker – Level 2

Construction Assembly Technician – Level 2

Construction Design and Build Technician – Level 4

Construction Design Management – Level 6

Construction Quantity Surveyor – Level 6

Construction Site Engineer Technician – Level 4

Construction Site Manager – Level 6

Construction Site Supervisor – Level 4

Wireless Rigging Technician – Level 2

Wall and Floor Tiler – Level 2

Thermal Insulation Operative – Level 2

Temporary Traffic Management Operative – Level 2

Structural Steelworker Fabricator – Level 2

Structural Steelworker Erector – Level 2

Steeplejack – Level 2

Smart Home Technician – Level 2

Scaffolder – Level 2

Roofer – Level 2

Power Pedestrian Door Installer and Service – Level 2

Piling Attendant – Level 2

Painter and Decorator – Level 2

Military Construction Engineering Technician – Level 3

Metal Decking Installer – Level 2

Plastering – Level 3

Bricklaying – Level 3

Interior Systems – Level 2

Industrial Coatings Applicator – Level 2

Flooring – Level 2

Hire Controller (Tools, Plant, Equipment) – Level 2

Highways Maintenance Supervisor – Level 3

Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative – Level 2

Mapping and Science – Level 6

Survey Technician – Level 3

Formworker – Level 2

Floorlayer – Level 2

Fitted Interiors and Multi Skilled Maintenance Operative – Level 2

Fencing Installer – Level 2

Fall Protection Technician – Level 2

Facilities Manager – Level 4

Facilities Management – Level 6

Erector/Rigger – Level 3

Demolition Operative – Level 2

Construction Surveying Technician – Level 4

As you can see there’s a standard for virtually every role within construction.


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