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Costain Apprenticeships: All you need to know

Costain Apprenticeships are an excellent foundation to gain experience, skills and industry related qualifications in an area you want to forge a career in. There are a wide range of opportunities available to school leavers at Costain and they really are a credible alternative to university.

What do Costain Apprenticeships involve?

Costain Apprenticeships combine academic study with on the job training  in a diverse range of disciplines from track and signalling engineering to accounting and business administration.

Let’s look at what duties each role includes:

Business Administration – As a business administration apprentice you’ll be responsible for the day to day smooth operations of the office. This will include liaising with colleagues, management and visitors, preparing and updating health and safety plans, ensuring meeting rooms are clean and tidy and ready for use plus many other roles.

Quantity Surveyor – As a quantity surveyor you’ll be involved with minimising costs and the achievement of high standards and quality from the initial tender to the finishing project.

Civil Engineering – Civil engineers will develop a broad knowledge of construction skills, methodology and terminology. You will also understand why working to health and safety regulations is crucial while building methods and construction technology.

Electrical engineer – As an electrical engineer you will develop, maintain, repair and analyse a wide range of systems such as power and electrical distribution, control systems and safety instrumented systems.

Estimator – Estimators gain the skills and knowledge required to make accurate estimates on job costs and understand how to analyse and review the costs.

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What do Costain do?

Costain help make peoples lives better. Since 1865 they have worked on a wide range of projects from dealing with waste treatments, building airports and even petrochemical plants. If you’re looking to get ahead with an exciting, challenging and diverse career development programme then a Costain Apprenticeship could be perfect for you!

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