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Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships in London

If there was a perquisite for the future success of creative and digital media, it would be the passion of discovery. Creativity is simply intelligence having fun, creativity never ends, the more you use the more you gain.

What is a Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in the creative and digital media industry covers roles in a range of industries including TV, radio, games, film, animation, digital and photo imaging. In this position, you will gain real experience of the workplace and a broader understanding of the creative industries. There are two levels of Apprenticeships in this industry, advanced and higher apprenticeships.

Advanced Apprenticeships

During an Advanced Apprenticeship you could work as:

  1.  Production runner/assistant
  2. Post production runner
  3. Broadcast assistant
  4. Production management assistant
  5. Assistant to the camera crew
  6. Junior designer
  7. Junior researcher
  8. Web coordinator
  9. Trainee/assistant photographer
  10. Apprentice social media producer

Although roles do vary depending on your employer; you will generally be responsible for:

  • Assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of client/employer website
  • Support fellow designers maintain online photo library (adding to it where required)
  • Organise, arrange and prepare for photographer shoots
  • Preparing equipment
  • Help to design marketing materials
  • To provide our clients’ organisation’s with a visual ‘brand’, to contribute to advertising activities where required,
  • To create graphic artwork for exhibitions and displays
  • Coming up with design concepts from an existing portfolio
  • Creating final designs
  • Working to a deadline and budget
  • Amending designs according to the clients’ final comments and devising content for use online and as part of marketing activities

Qualifications required

Qualifications required for the Creative and Digital Media apprenticeships usually depend on your employer but most ask for A* – C in all core subjects and ICT. Desirable attributes include, eagerness to learn, enthusiastic, creative and a MUST HAVE is the passion for digital media.

Progression Routes

The progression routes in the creative and digital media industry are endless you could progress to a higher Apprenticeship, which could be in any of the following areas:

Online Community Manager – Managing online communities, forums and social media sites. As well as managing data used in online communities

User Experience Co-ordinator – This includes conducting user testing, monitoring and managing data and usage of interactive products

Interactive Product Designer – Here you’ll be designing interactive product content and the assets needed for these, including art design, copy writing for interactive products, user interface design, developing user interfaces and interactive products, using code, software, advanced programming languages, scripts and testing systems.

With a busy city like London being so up to date and advanced with the latest technology, and unforgettable culture who knows where this apprenticeship can take you. From being creative with pictures of the London Eye to showing everyone what that big black door on Downing Street is all about. Creative and Digital media enables you to build more stages to express yourself. Its crucial to business growth and you could be fundamental in ensuring the business moves forward.

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