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Create your recipe for success with the D&D London Apprenticeship Programme. If you’re looking for a successful career in hospitality then D&D London can help you fulfill your potential with plenty of opportunities for you to grow and develop.

D&D London Apprenticeship - Chef programme

About D&D London

D&D London is well known for its luxury restaurants, bars and hotels based mainly in London. However, they also have venues in Paris, New York and Tokyo and to this very day, they continue to grow.

About D&D London Apprenticeship Programmes

D&D London offers an award-winning Apprenticeship that you could be a part of. If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop your chef capabilities then D&D London can definitely help YOU! Whether you’ve been on cooking courses and see yourself as a master chef or have no experience what so ever and your specialty dish is beans on toast, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a passion to cook and learn that’s all you need.

This short video shows first hand what a chef Apprenticeship is like at D&D London:

The D&D London Apprenticeship is an 18 month course. During this course you’ll gain:

  • Industry recognised qualifications
  • Experience on the job
  • The chance to work alongside the best chefs in the world
  • Recognition as an apprentice of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts
  • You’ll get paid a salary of £14,000 in your first year increasing in the second year
  • An industry mentor who will be there to support you whenever you need it
  • Upon successful completion of your training, you’ll be offered a job with D&D London

So if you’ve got a passion for cooking and want to spice your career up then apply using the useful links below.

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