apprenticeship in motor mechanics

A day in the life of a Motor Vehicle Apprentice

In the day of a Motor Vehicle apprentice,  no two days are ever quite the same. You may well be dealing with the repair and service of cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries and coaches and making routine maintenance checks to ensure that the vehicle is running as it should be.

What would I be doing?

As a motor vehicle apprentice, you will learn to be confident in completing the following tasks:

  • Reading technical drawings
  • Advising customers about technical issues
  • Testing vehicles
  • Using diagnostic equipment
  • Replacing faulty parts
  • Being able to work on your own initiative
  • Having a suitable fitness level
  • Being able to follow instructions
  • Having good communication skills
  • Having excellent knowledge of motor technology
  • Being methodical and organised
  • Having good concentration
  • Being able to work to strict deadlines
  • Having a strong interest in motor vehicles

In Leicester, you could be working with the likes of BMW, Perry’s, Ferdotti Motor Services, Ricks Automotive, Hillside Garage, Proactive Personnel as a motor vehicle Apprentice. Sound like something you might be interested in?

Take a look at 100s of Motor Mechanical Apprenticeships.

Check out the video below to learn about what it’s like to be a motor vehicle apprentice:

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