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About Design and Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Design and manufacturing Apprenticeships covers just about anything the list really is endless. It all depends on what discipline you decide to work within as it is such a broad sector as everything needs designing and manufacturing. It could be anything from drink and food to oil; biotechnology to plastics or even pharmaceuticals.

Design and manufacturing Apprenticeships

What will the Apprenticeship involve?

Your work solely depends on your employer, you will be producing high-quality goods efficiently using the most cost-effective methods and with the aim of reducing the impact of production on the environment. You’ll design new systems, equipment and processes for the introduction of new products or for the improvement of existing ones which will then be finished by an engineer in a suitable discipline. You’ll also identify faults, investigate production problems and repair equipment quickly and efficiently.

Progression routes

Career development in this sector is all dependent on the structure of the company you work for, the size and nature of the business and organisational culture.

You could also progress to project manager, specialising in a particular are and turning your main focus to the research and development. Maybe you’d like to move into a related field area such as plant/production engineering or environmental engineering and health and safety. With sufficient experience, this is all possible.

Useful links

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