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Digital Apprenticeships – What you NEED to know

Entering the world of digital – phones, iPads, laptops. We all use them at some point in the day, whether it’s in the morning on the bus to update your Facebook status, at school/college to email that very important assignment to your teacher, or in an evening to send a quick tweet to all your followers or even that amazeballs selfie you need to update to Instagram from Friday night. The world really does revolve around digital technology. Or at least ours does.

What digital Apprenticeships are available?

The digital industry is going from strength to strength, the more we use the internet, the more career opportunities we’re inadvertently creating.

What can you do in the digital industry?

This is a huge industry which means once you’re on the digital ladder you can progress with diverse opportunities. The digital industry can be split into two; the technical side such as:

  • Network Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • IT Technician
  • Software Developer
  • Programmer
  • IT business Analyst/Systems Designer

The second half of the digital industry is more creative such as:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
social media and online marketing apprenticeships

It’s not just for computer wizards

There is often an assumption that the digital industry is for all them tech pros out there. I’ll tell you it’s not. There are plenty of opportunities that don’t require you to be a computer genius.

Transferable Skills

There are few jobs about today that don’t require the basic knowledge of a computer so even if you change your mind you can transfer your skills learnt in the digital industry to numerous industries. Not only that skills you’ve learnt from school/college/university and just everyday life, in general, can be transferred to this industry. Now you’re probably wondering how. Well, you use social media, news flash!! So does pretty much every company out there. You’ve wrote a report/article at school? This is like writing a blog for your company’s website. Now, do you see how these skills are transferable? Yes, so when asked whether you have any previous experience you can answer that with a big YES!

Work experience

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