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Digital Media Production Apprenticeships: the Career for You?

Digital media production is a huge industry. Just think about all the websites out there. One way or another, someone, or more than likely a team of people, has worked very hard to get all the content on to that site. Many of them will also have completed IT apprenticeships.

Digital media production apprenticeships can also be a very varied career. On the one hand, it can involve creating computer generated graphics or writing web content. Alternatively, it may involve being on-set while some high-quality film footage is recorded for a major commercial.

The term digital media production causes a little confusion. Put very simply, it is the process in which digital files are created, enhanced and coded. The digital media production specialist will also make sure the files are distributed using a variety of methods via computer hardware or software applications.

As technology advances, however, the definition of digital media production changes. Once upon a time it would have been very much focused on coding. These days it is very broad and takes in the production of everything from the written word to film footage, cartoons and audio.

The bonus of working in digital media production is that jobs are available everywhere. Whether you are in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast, your skills will be in demand. Almost every business, charity and Government organisation has a website.

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Larger organisations will often have in-house teams to oversee their digital media production but many use digital agencies and buy-in the skills when they need to. As you can see the employment opportunities are many and varied.

Added to this, the rise of social media and social media advertising campaigns means digital media production skills are very much in demand. If you’re enthusiastic, creative and want to join a booming industry, digital media production could be the thing for you.

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