Doncaster Council Apprenticeships

Doncaster Council Apprenticeships are an excellent way for you to kick-start your career! Do you like the idea of earning and learning? Do you have a clear vision of what your career goals are? An Apprenticeship with Doncaster Council could be just what you’re looking for to help you get a head start on your career.

What do Doncaster Council Apprenticeships involve?

Doncaster Council Apprenticeships are a great way for you to secure employment while undertaking on the job training and academic study which will allow you to gain vital work experience, highly sought skills and a nationally recognised qualification relevant to the industry you’re eager to forge a career in.

If you’ve decided college or university isn’t for you then a Doncaster Council Apprenticeship can offer you a credible alternative which enables you to continue your learning experiences while being in employment and working in an innovative, diverse, inclusive and transformational environment.

Doncaster Council offers a wide variety of apprenticeships at a range of levels from Level 2 qualifications (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes) right the way up to Level 6 and 7, which are equivalent to Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

There are an extensive range of Apprenticeship opportunities available at Doncaster Council which includes the following:

  • Leadership and Management

doncaster council apprenticeships leadership and management

  • Chartered Manager Degree

doncaster council apprenticeships chartered manager

  • Accounting – various levels

doncaster council apprenticeships accounting

  • Business Administration – various levels

doncaster council apprenticeships business

  • Civil Engineering

doncaster council apprenticeships civil engineer

  • Quantity Surveyor

doncaster council apprenticeships quantity surveyor

  • Customer Service

doncaster council apprenticeships customer service

  • Early Years Educator

early years apprenticeship

  • ICT

doncaster council apprenticeships ict

  • Project Management

doncaster council apprenticeships project management

  • Data Analyst

doncaster council apprentices

  • Construction (plumbing, electrical, joinery and bricklaying)

doncaster council apprenticeships construction

If you want to make a difference in ensuring Doncaster is a great place to live, visit and work then an Apprenticeship with Doncaster Council could be just what you’re looking for as you’ll be involved in a wide range of projects. Doncaster Council are currently working to expand their Apprenticeships, currently under development are the following:

  • Teaching Apprenticeship – Level 6
  • Social Worker
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Planning Officer
  • Building Control Officer
  • Civil Engineer – Level 6
  • Chartered Legal Executive
  • Chartered Accountant

During your Apprenticeship with Doncaster Council you’ll receive a wealth of support and encouragement from your employer, colleagues and learning mentor who all want to help you to succeed in your chosen career.

Feel ready to take the step onto the career ladder instead of heading off to college or university?

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