Eastleigh College Apprenticeships

Eastleigh College Apprenticeships provides a secure foundation for you to launch your career while earning and learning. Are you keen to kick-start your career but also want to continue your learning experiences? An Apprenticeship with Eastleigh College could be the perfect opportunity for you to advance your career.

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What do Eastleigh College Apprenticeships involve?

Eastleigh College Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme that mixes on the job training with academic study enabling you to gain invaluable work experience, highly sought skills and a nationally recognised qualification relevant to the industry you’re training in.

Think that Apprenticeships are just for plumbers and electricians? You might want to think again, Apprenticeships cover a wide range of industries. Eastleigh College are currently offering the following Apprenticeship opportunities:

  • Level 2 Children and Young People
  • Level 3 Support Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 2 Professional Cookery- work based
  • Level 2 Warehouse Operative
  • Level 2 Business Administration

There are a wide range of benefits to doing an Eastleigh College Apprenticeship, these include the following:

  • Earning and learning
  • Get job specific skills
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Get work experience
  • Get support
  • Develop your knowledge
  • Boost your CV
  • Enhance future career prospects
  • Work alongside industry professionals

eastleigh college apprenticeships

During your Apprenticeship with Eastleigh College you’ll be encouraged and supported from your employer, learning mentor and colleagues who will help you to grow personally and professionally while you develop your talent. Upon completion of your Apprenticeship with Eastleigh College you’ll open a wide range of opportunities for progression. Whether you choose to progress onto a higher level Apprenticeship, remain working with your current employer or apply for another job the options are endless.

Ready to advance your career while reaching your true potential?

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