Picture of two electrical engineers using a notebook computer standing at a power station to view the planning work by producing electrical energy at high voltage electrodes.

Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships

About Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships

Do you have the spark to light the world up?

There’s a lot more to it than changing a light bulb. Electrical engineers install, repair and maintain electrical control systems and components to required specifications.

Their work focuses on:

  • Economy
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Sustainability

What do Electrical Engineers do?

A key responsibility of electrical engineers is designing equipment. The electrical equipment that they design and manufacture are used across many sectors, including:

  • The building industry and services, including lighting, heating and ventilation
  • Transportation and transport networks
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Production and distribution of power

Daily responsibilities of an electrical engineer Apprentice:

  • Read both building and engineering drawings
  • Understand wiring and circuit diagrams
  • Select (within limits) materials and equipment
  • Inspect and test electrical installations
  • Diagnose and rectify faults on a range of circuits and equipment
  • Write reports

We live in a world constantly in motion: electricity fizzing around at the speed of light along power lines, through cables into billions of light bulbs and motors, industrial machines and household appliances. The job of the electrician can vary anywhere from repairing a broken lift in the shopping center to ensuring millions of people get electricity in their homes. It can be an extremely challenging but rewarding career.

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Where would we be without electricity?

Humanity has survived many evolutionary stages in its long history on this planet. One discovery, in particular, has shaped the future like no other. Electricity. But consider if electricity were to one day disappear without warning. No power for your gadgets might be the most immediate concern that comes to mind, but the larger problem would be further-reaching when you consider that our modern world has been completely built around our dependence on electricity. Without electricity, our cities would likely crumble in the ensuing chaos.

Progression routes

How far do you want to go? You might want to branch out into different specialisms within the industry, such as data communications or electronics systems. Or you might want to consider your options in areas such as nuclear power, offshore energy generation or electrical distribution. Fancy running your own business one day? That’s possible too. The opportunities are endless as an electrical engineer.

Spark your career with an electrical engineering Apprenticeship.

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