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Electrician Apprenticeships: What you need to know

Electrician Apprenticeships are an excellent way to kick-start your career and learn a trade. There are a wide range of electrician Apprenticeships available across the UK, if you’re interested in getting in the know about electrician Apprenticeships and want to find the perfect one for you then keep on reading…

What do electrician Apprenticeships involve?

Electrician Apprenticeships involve a mixture of academic study and practical on the job training, this enables you to gain a wide range of skills, experience and industry specific qualifications. Do you want a job but also want to continue learning? Why choose one when you can do both with an Apprenticeship! Electrician Apprenticeships are an exciting learning and development opportunity with progression routes available.

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Where would the world be without electricity? A world without electricity would result in a loss of normality. Our daily lives would change. Imagine not being able to switch on your TV, play your Xbox or straighten your hair!! Looking back to the Stone Age shows the rapid transformation of the industry and electricians play a vital part in keeping the world bright.

Electricians maintain, repair and operate electrical systems and networks. You’ll learn the procedures required to fulfil your duties safely and to high standards. As an apprentice you’ll learn first hand from experienced professionals which will allow you to gain essential skills required.

What roles you could be doing as an electrician apprentice?

  • Domestic Electrician – One of the most common electrician is domestic. A domestic electrician does small and large jobs around the home such as fixing sockets or the installation of wiring.
  • Installation Electrician –  Installation electricians install a wide range of systems for example lighting, fire protection, structure cabling, security and more. You could be working in various environments such as on a site or in commercial properties.
  • Maintenance Electrician – Maintaining electrical systems such as machinery and power grids is a key responsibility within your job role. You’ll ensure electrical systems are working as they should be and safely.
  • Instrumentation Electrician – This job involves working on a wide range of building environmental systems like air conditioning units, refrigeration and heating. Through your Apprenticeship you’ll be competent in commissioning, testing, fault finding and the repairing them.
  • Electrical Machine Repairer – Electrical machine repairers will work on a wide range of machinery, your job will be to ensure maintenance and repairs are carried out correctly while also working on machine equipment such as fans, pumps, transformers and more.
  • Highway Electrical Systems Electrician – Without highway electricians the streets would be in complete darkness. This job involves managing and maintaining street lighting and traffic management systems to a high quality.

Skills for electrician Apprenticeships

Electrician Apprenticeships will equip you with a broad range of essential skills. You’ll learn how to work safely from heights, plan, organise, read and interpret codes and drawings, communication skills, manual dexterity and problem solving.

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeships have recently undergone a major reform with Apprenticeship frameworks being replaced by Apprenticeship standards. Currently approved and ready for delivery are the following standards:

  • Electrical/Electronic Technical Support Engineer – Level 6
  • Highway Electrical Maintenance and Installation Operative – Level 2
  • Highways Electrician/Service Operative – Level 3
  • Installation Electrician/Maintenance Electrician – Level 3
  • Electrical Power Networks Engineer – Level 4
  • Electrical Power Protection and Plant Commissioning Engineer – Level 4
  • Electrical, Electronic Product Service and Installation Engineer – Level 3

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Applying for electrician Apprenticeships

To apply for an electrician Apprenticeship, you can check out the Careermap website to find a wide range of vacancies. Can’t find any near you? Simply register your CV online to be found by top employers and training providers!


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