Energy and Renewable Apprenticeships in Northampton

Are you a lightbulb?

Stability and security of the electricity network is a growing preoccupation among policy makers, regulators and utilities, and the media and public, as an energy sector transformation continues.

Oil, coal and natural gas remain the main sources of power, concerns about their effect on the environment and their depletion have lead to increasing use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro, solar power and biofuels.

What would I be doing?

As an energy engineer apprentice you will be involved with the production of energy through natural resources, such as the extraction of oil and gas, as well as from renewable or sustainable sources of energy. Energy engineers are focused on finding efficient, clean and innovative ways to supply energy.

They work in a variety of roles including:

1. Designing and testing machinery

2. Developing ways of improving existing processes

3. Converting, transmitting and supplying useful energy to meet our needs for electricity

As an energy and renewable apprentice you will develop ways to generate new energy, reduce emissions from fossil fuels and most importantly aim to minimise environmental damage. You will be the lightbulb creating new ideas.

Where would I be working?

The work can be based in an office, laboratory or on-site. Site visits and field work are conducted outside and in all weathers. Some jobs may be off-shore in remote locations. Overseas travel opportunities will be available with some multinational organisations.

The renewable energy industry is expanding rapidly. As the demand for oil and gas rises, pressure for businesses to reduce carbon emissions and be more energy efficient increases. In turn, this has led to a growth in renewable or sustainable sources of energy. You could progress into research and development to look into new and better ways to optimise production and finding new renewable energy sources.

We are currently recruiting an energy and renewable Apprentice in Northampton working for valued companies such as RES, Ecotricity and Siemens.

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