Event Management Apprenticeships in Scotland

Event Management Apprenticeships in Scotland

About Event Management

It could be anything from T in the Park to a charity auction; a birthday bash or a wedding. You’ll help plan and promote it all from A to B, start to finish.

Wedding Event Management

It’s time to get thinking outside the box

The events you plan and develop are a broad range such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. The success of them rely heavily on your organisational skills and meeting the budget and deadline. The job market for event managers is growing, with some estimates that the need for event managers will increase by one-third in the next decade and in turn more apprentices are needed to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Skills needed

Event management requires strong organisational, budgeting and creative skills. Those who work in event management must be comfortable with interacting with all levels of individuals inside and outside of their organisation. You’ll know how to work on your own initiative as well as using social media to promote events occurring and to snatch up potential clients. You may also need to be adaptable and flexible to change.

Levels of Apprenticeships in Event Management:

There are two different types of events management Apprenticeships.

At the intermediate level, you could work as:

  1. Venue and stage crew
  2. Event promotion support staff
  3. Booking agents assistant

An advanced level Apprenticeship includes:

  1. Music/events promotions assistant
  2. Events assistant
  3. Events/entertainment officer
  4. Production assistant
Part time jobs for the summer holiday

Be careful!

When applying for an Apprenticeship for events management you NEED to ensure that the company is right for you. Some events companies might only deal with a specific type of events management, so if it isn’t suited to your interests then this would be no use to you. Whereas other companies may deal with a numerous event types. An Apprenticeship is just as much filling your requirements as it is your employers.

Progression Routes

Working in events, as it is such a varied industry, you could choose to specialise in certain types of events such as weddings, exhibitions, conferences, product launches, fundraising events and live cultural events. With relevant experience you can even work yourself up to senior management roles within a company, or set up your own events management business.

It’s not just about thinking of ideas; it’s about making them ideas happen. Do it!

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