Farriery Apprenticeships

Are Horses your Passion?

If so, why not choose an apprenticeship you’ll love in the company of horses, that way you’ll never have to work a day in your life. There are three choices in life, give up, give in or give it all you’ve got. With a Farrier Apprenticeship it won’t be easy, it’ll be a lot of long days but you’ll learn to speak a different language, one built in silence but you’ll learn a whole new understanding on the equestrian industry.

Farriery is regulated in the UK, aspiring farriers in this country must undertake a four year and two month apprenticeship program under the tutelage of an Approved Training Farrier.

This Apprenticeship would be of interest to someone who loves horses. You’ll need to be someone who enjoys being outdoors and not someone who shies away from hard work, early mornings, and the sights which accompany equine foot problems.

If you’re interested in a Farriery Apprenticeship this will teach you a trade that will support you for life. You’ll gain crucial learning skills varying from working as part of a team to dealing with clients and ensuring the horse you are treating is comfortable and healthy. This may mean you’ll be dealing with vets in certain circumstances if the horses feet needs veterinarian attention then you’ll have to use liaising skills to communicate the issue.

Your day to day duties in a Farriery Apprenticeship will include:

  1. Discussing the horses shoeing requirements with the owner
  2. Checking the horses leg, foot and hoof and cutting away any excess hoof growth to ensure the horse is properly balanced
  3. Making horse shoes by hand and machine
  4. Ensuring the shoe is suitable for the horse’s size,  foot condition and type of activity and working conditions
  5. Using a hammer and anvil to adjust the shape of the shoes
  6. Fitting the horse shoes

During your farrier Apprenticeship you’ll get to practice the routine hands-on skills common to the trade, such as forging and pulling shoes and cleaning feet. You’ll also pick up the business of the trade by seeing the farrier dealing with clients, which is invaluable experience to have when starting off your career.

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